In Ipoh – Tong Sui Kai (糖水街)

Aptly named as Tong Sui Kai (糖水街) due to its popularity of desserts, this row of hawker stalls is also pretty well known amongst the locals and tourists for its hawker food too. It is just a short drive from Hotel French and it occupies the entire road of Jalan Sultan Ekram leading to the main road of Jalan Sultan Idris Shah. Parking can be atrocious especially when you are there around 630PM because there is a school directly opposite of this hawker street. As usual, parents will park their car indiscriminately along the road while waiting for their spoilt brats kids.

Tong Sui Kai (Dessert Street)

Despite its vast amount of stalls, there were a handful of them opened for business when I was there for dinner. I am not sure if this is a norm but I guess I don’t really mind since most of them (if not all) are almost identical in terms of food options, except for the first stall which serve ‘dai chou’.

Cheong Kee Beef Noodles (Stall 47) at Tong Sui Kai (Dessert Street)

Beef Noodles by Cheong Kee Beef Noodles (Stall 47)

I was brought to an area which was closer to main road and I got to know that there were two famous stalls at same vicinity. First up was beef noodles (RM3.80) by Cheong Kee Beef Noodles (Stall 47) which fared pretty well, in my opinion. The stock was a lil sweetish but robust, packed with beefy goodness while the flat noodles were okay; typical trademark of Ipoh.

Beef Balls by Cheong Kee Beef Noodles at Tong Sui Kai (Dessert Street)

The beef balls (RM0.50 per piece) were pretty good too which we ordered separately.

Wai Wai Wantan Mee (Stall 44) at Tong Sui Kai (Dessert Street)

Wantan Mee by Wai Wai Wantan Mee (Stall 44)

Whilst the taste was slight bland, the wantan noodles (RM2.80) by Wai Wai Wantan Mee (Stall 44) were blanched nicely; al-dente while retaining its crisp-springy texture. However, what I liked most from this stall was the fried wantan.

Fried Wantan

They were really moreish that I ordered another 10 pieces (RM2.40) to savour them as snack. Heck, they were still crispy when I left them for few hours in an air conditioning room.

Ice Kacang with Ice Cream

We weren’t impressed with the attitude of the drink stall (the one beside beef noodles stall). So, as we walked towards the car, we stopped at another stall for some desserts. The owner heard wrongly when we ordered and so, instead of shaved ice with mix fruits, she gave us ice kacang with ice cream (RM3) which was a-okay although there were quite a lot of fillings beneath the shaved ice.

Fried Foo Chuk

While you were at it, do try out the fried foo chuk (RM3 for 5 pieces) from another stall. I guess it was pretty common since quite a number of stalls were selling these crispy snack on that day.

Address :
Tong Sui Kai (Dessert Street),
Jalan Sultan Ekram,
30300 Ipoh,

GPS Coordinates : 4.595333, 101.087308


  1. I wonder if this place gets flooded with parents and school kids looking for a meal after classes end. After a long, hard day of algebra, that wantan mee could be quite comforting :D

  2. foongpc : … and it tastes awesome too! :D

    Sean : From what I saw, hardly. Maybe because parents cook at home before picking up their kids. But then again, they might grab a quick meal before going back.

    suituapui : Haven’t really try it but I guess taste it’s kinda subjective. :D

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