In Malacca – Nasi Lemak & Minuman Ah Ho

Since we did not join the long queue at the hotel’s cafe, we decided to drive out to hunt for our own breakfast. Suggestions were thrown around while websites were scourged through in search for some delicious food. Initially, we thought of going for some good ol’ soft boiled eggs and toast but on second thought, we went for something a lil heavier option and hence, we arrived at this coffee shop; Nasi Lemak & Minuman Ah Ho.

Nasi Lemak & Minuman Ah Ho, Melaka

The name of the coffee shop says it all as there is only one stall manned by a couple selling the well loved national dish. And despite that, as we sat outside, we witnessed waves of customers dropped by to get their fix either by eat in or takeaway.

Dishes at Nasi Lemak & Minuman Ah Ho, Melaka

There are a variety of dishes displayed at the tiny extended stall. Ranging from fried grubs to curry, seafood to poultry, customers are free to pick them according to fulfill their appetite.

Dishes at Nasi Lemak & Minuman Ah Ho, Melaka

Since it was first meal of the day, we went all out and picked a couple of dishes to be shared. While fried chicken with crispy skin and juicy, tender meat was a sure order, the rest were new to me. I was attracted by the appearance of the curry chicken which looked appetizing but tasted quite alright with its heavily infused turmeric spice which pretty explains the yellow colour dish.


The cockles were cooked nicely with slight tinge of spiciness while the squid was a lil too salty for me. The fried fishcake was pretty run of the mill so was the sambal which was slightly diluted. But above all them, it was the fluffy, fragrant rice that took the throne.

Dishes at Nasi Lemak & Minuman Ah Ho, Melaka

At the end of the meal, we were stuffed to the brim. The price was quite alright as we paid RM20.40 including two plates of rice and two drinks. I wouldn’t mind going back again and it would be awesome if they have luncheon meat.

Address :
11m, Jalan Gajah Berang,
Kampung Enam,
75200 Melaka.

GPS Coordinates : 2.209973, 102.242503


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