A Victim in Photography World

I hereby confirm that I’m a victim of the said world. Let’s face it. The moment you purchased your first DSLR camera (a.k.a. Digital Single Lens Reflex), you are bound to ‘invest’ more and more in photography. Lenses, battery grip, flashgun, more lenses, flash diffuser, tripods and bags. Did I mention lenses? These are the so-called additional necessities, which you might need it in a way or another near future.

Battery Grip

Take for example, camera lenses. There are wide range of lenses such as telephoto, zoom, prime and wide angle lenses. These said lenses function differently from one another. One would not stick to their kit lens forever neither would they be satisfied with what they have in a long run. Photography enthusiast will purchase a better lens in order to satisfy their ‘cravings’ for better picture quality. Moreover, do take notice that lens manufacturers produce normal lenses as well as high quality lenses. Canon have L lenses as their premier lenses while Nikon have FX lenses.

The red line

Besides, there is another reason why the victim spends so much in photography. They refer to this reason as ‘poison’. I know it sounds a little weird but that’s the fact. It is hard to resist temptations once a evil friend of yours recommends something better to you.

There is no turning back as you could only go forward. There’s no such thing as splurging your cash on DSLR only once because that’s the myth. You will continue to pay more and more to get more and more accessories. It’s true, it’s true.

Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM

I’ve no money to eat for the next 3 months‘ , ‘I’m saving up for something‘ , ‘Do you think money grows on a tree behind my backyard?‘. Do these sentences ring a bell? Yes, you got it right. Not only that you have to use up all your saving just for one particular thing, you will have to use those common sentences like any other photographers. I’ve to admit that I do use them most of the time once in awhile.

Battery grip and lens

So, here’s a warning. To those who have yet to get their DSLR, please do take into consideration that you will end up spending more than what you had initially allocated your funds for.

By now, I guess you know what are my latest acquisitions. :P

Note : 98 normal posts (including this one) and 2 password-protect posts. I never thought that I could write so much crap.


  1. poison.. poison… shouldn’t have read this post man !!!

    But I do agree with you that those who have yet to get theirs.. better consider carefully ah !!

  2. I’m considering between the:

    Canon 17-40 f4L USM
    Tamron 17-50 f2.8

    Was thinking of the 24-70 f2.8L but what someone said on the forum was true. Due to the 1.6 crop on a 400D, no point getting a 24-70 – unless you already have a wide angle lens.

    Which I don’t – unless I consider my 18-200mm Sigma. LOL!

  3. I heard good stuff about Tamron 17-50 f2.8. They favour it because of the 2.8 aperture and it is cheaper than Canon 17-55 f2.8.

    And yeah, 24-70 f2.8L is not wide enough on crop body. Or, you could get this and get another Canon 10-22. Hehe.

    Speaking of Sigma, I just sold mine due to under utilised after getting the Canon 17-40 f4L USM.

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