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This morning, in the office ;

Director :”Where’s she?”

Colleague : “She can’t come. Emergency leave.”

Director :*looking at me* “You are coming in.”

Me : “Me?!! No.. no.. no…”

Director : “We’ve registered 6 pax for this training. You’re in”

Me : *whispering to myself in my head* “Oh great… 6 hours of sleep for past two night and I have to go for training on Monday morning!! This is just great!! I’m so gonna die in there…”

bookmark_borderCalifornia Pizza Kitchen (CPK) At KLCC

When it comes to birthday gift, I’m a failure in this subject. Don’t get me wrong. I love birthday gift especially on the receiving end. It is just that I hate to be on the giver’s side. It is always hard to figure out something that is important to them. Something that they use it always. Different people have their different preference. It is risky when I get something that they don’t like. Some said it is the thought that matters. Oh boy.. that is easier said than done. And most of the time, I would ask them what do they want other than ‘red packet’ (In Chinese : Ang Pow).

If they could not say what they want, the last resort will be free lunch/dinner for them from me. That’s what I do always and that’s what I did last Sunday. It was my friend’s birthday and I didn’t bother to ask what she wants. I bought lunch for her. As simple as that. Besides, food brings everyone together.


We went to California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) in KLCC. They serve good pizza at reasonable price. It is something different from what you get in Pizza Hut, Shakey’s, Domino’s and such. They have vast flavours as well as those common ones like Margherita, Pepperoni, Hawaiian and etc. Best of all, they offer Neopolitan-style whereby pizza dough will be as thin as 2 layers of A4-size papers and as crispy as keropok. Apart from pizzas, there are pastas and salad in their menu. I’ve tried their Portobello Mushroom Ravioli which is pretty good.


In the restaurant, the environment is cosy and the place is spacious. It is more on family dining concept. We were there for lunch on Sunday. Hence, there were alot of kids with their parents. But it wasn’t as noisy as what we expected to be. Maybe we were chatting too much till neglecting the surrounding.

Original BBQ Chicken Salad

Alright, I shall stop blabbering any further. Let’s get to the food part. We ordered half Original BBQ Chicken Salad as starter/side dish/whatever-you-want-to-call-it. Yes, they come in sizes too. Either half or full size. It is a simple dish I would say. BBQ sauce as dressing with cold grilled chicken as meat. Greens, chips and black beans to complete it. Simple and unique. That’s all I can say.

Original BBQ Chicken Salad

For pizza, we opted for California Club Neopolitan-style. Probably, and maybe, it is their house recipe. From far, it looks like a vegan pizza. But don’t be fooled by it. Topped with ham, chopped chicken and lots of lecttuce with fresh tomotaes and avocados, it is a must-try pizza. However, I’m not a fan of avocado because they are tasteless and mushy but other than that, the pizza was alright. The dough was thin and crispy as I mentioned earlier while the lecttuce was ladened with mayonnaise.

California Club

California Club

Apart from foods, we had Ice Lemon Tea for drinks. They offer free flow for this and other carbonated drinks, just like Chilis and TGIF.

Ice Lemon Tea

It was normal/usual experience with nothing to shout about but something new to try. If you are bored with the quality offered by Pizza Hut or Domino’s, you might want to try this restaurant for a change.

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