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That’s right. I used to have it a couple of months back and I’m having it again now.

The pros of having this hairstyle:

  • You get to save shampoo and hair gel money
  • Cheap because you can DIY or go to barber
  • You will get unwanted attention (for the right or wrong reasons)
  • Bathing time reduce by 40%
  • Cooling factor
  • No one knows whether you just woke up from your sleep by looking at your hair
  • You probably win almost all the challenges if you dare someone to go botak with you

The con:

  • Yo:u have to maintain your hair every two weeks or so

bookmark_borderMIRC Penang ICT Week 08

Penang ICT Week 08

Exhibitor Tag

3 days of sleepless night (thanks to somebody, you know who you are).
3 days of eating below average 4-star hotel breakfast buffet.
3 days of using Canon EF 70-200mm f4 L USM. <:3
3 days of eating fried rice continuously for lunch.
3 days of laughing and joking with colleagues.
3 days of setting and packing the booths.
3 days of sleeping with hard rock pillows.
3 days of sleeping on queen-size bed.
3 days of seeing the same delegates.
3 days of suffering lower backache.
3 days of torturing my right ankle.
3 days of talking to strangers.
3 days of valuable experience.
3 days of spamming photos.
3 days of 8-hours standing.
3 days of teamwork.

It’s finally over!! Hopefully, we get something out of this.

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