Breakfast At Pasar Besar Seremban, Seremban

At times, it is good to have some whacky friends around. Friends that are willing to drive to as far as Seremban just to have a bowl of noodles that worth RM3 only. Friends that are whacky enough to eat at super dirty place like Pasar Besar Seremban whereby you could literally smell chicken sh*t everywhere you go. That is the type of friend you should have within your circle so that you could explore more variety of food in Malaysia.

Pasar Besar Seremban

And so happened I do have such friends. And so, one fine day,  we went to Seremban for a Beef Noodles and Hakka Mee at Pasar Besar Seremban. And so we ate like there’s no tomorrow even the stench from the wet market existed throughout our food ordeal.

Tow Kee

Hakka Mee

Our first meal of the day was, of course, Hakka Mee. I’ve to admit that was the first time I’ve ever tasted Hakka Mee even though I’m a Hakka. And yes, I don’t converse in Hakka dialect either. How proud I am?!

Hakka Mee

Anyway, that’s not the main topic. So, my very first impression of Hakka Mee was dry. Very dry. It was even dry-er than wantan mee. But then again, if you look closer, there was a layer of oil coating the noodles which made the noodles silky smooth when you glide it thru your lips. To top it all of, there was vast amount of minced pork on it. I’m not sure why they didn’t have black soy sauce in the minced meat nor the noodles, but I guess this is the way how Hakka Mee looked and taste like. One major turn off was; they only served one pathetic small bowl of soup which to be shared among 3 person. WTF?!!

Beef Noodle Stall

Right after that oily bowl of noodles, off we went to another side of the market for a bowl of Beef Noodles. I found it odd in the first place because of the location between both the stalls. I mean, why can’t they open at the same place at the center of the market? Wouldn’t it be better since people don’t have to walk from one side to another side just to have their favourite bowl of noodles?

Beef Noodles

Anyhow, this bowl of Beef Noodles is a total different from what I had in Singapore. This one was dry type.

Beef Noodles

I’m not sure how to describe the taste. The sauce was like Char Siew paste/sauce. It was thick yet a lil sweet. In it, there were a few slices of beef meat as well as beef stomach (IIANM). The noodles was not like what you normally eat in other hawker stalls. The noodles was like a crossover between ‘lai fun’ and big yellow noodles (which is used to cook ‘loh mee’). Bouncy it was.

Lens Cap & Money

Overall, it was rather a great experience to try them out. Not because of the time that we went in the morning. Not because of the distance we travelled to have them. It was because of the place where they were located. Intriguing it was to have chickens making noise as your background music….


  1. … the interior design of the pasar has always been in this way since I was a kid… XD

    I guess we got used to it… hahahaha…..

  2. Stella : That’s my first time going there. LOL.

    CJ : That’s mine!! :D

    Louis : None. Jalan Imbi would be our next stop. :D

    Jian : Yeah. It is dry but slightly on the oily side. I’ve not tried Kolok Mee.. :D

    Jason : There are other stalls. Somehow, my friend brought me to this one. But it is good bowl of noodles.

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