In Taiwan – Day 2 (Part 2)

Right after our lunch, off we went to look for this…


It is pretty famous as it was the last box in the refrigerator and it really did justified its popularity as it is really delicious.


After whacking all of those, we headed to Hsinchu Municipal Image Museum for a look. But it was closed (for lunch, I think) and hence, we rest at the entrance for a good 45 mins or so before we head to our next pit stop, Taichung.



And yes, we boarded the train again for free, IIRC. Don’t ask me why again. This time, my mates knew where to stay. Hence, it was rather easier for us to find the hotel as recommended by one of the guidebooks.




And again, we left our bags in the hotel and off we went for another drink and early dinner at a place opposite of the hotel.

Night Market

Later at night, after a good short rest, we headed to a night market. It is a place whereby you could get a variety of things such as foods and clothings. We walked and stopped and ate and walked again and stopped again and ate again for everything that interest us. Our first food was this…

Meat Sandwich

Boy oh boy.. It was one of the weirdest food I’ve ever tasted. Sweet, sour, bitter and salty. With combination of peanuts, pickles and meat, it sure did trigger all of our taste buds. But that didn’t stop us from ordering another portion. :P


Lala Jien

The photo above is a dish called ‘Lala Jien’. Compare to our version, their’s is on soggy side with vegetables in it. Once we were done with night market, we headed back to our hotel…


And no.. The picture above is not our hotel. It is a junction of a crossroad which I took it while walking towards the night market.


  1. hey bro!! =D Nice meeting you last night!! Great food you have had though!! haha… Looking forward to our next meet up!! Till then, take care and God bless

  2. Kelvin : Yo Yo… I think they are overrated. Or maybe our tastebuds do not suit their delicacies.

    Andrew : Nice meeting you too. Thanks.

    Cutie :It is yummy. Hehe. Nice meeting you too. :D

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