Short Expedition To Malacca

Right after the breakfast in Seremban, we were hesitating whether to head down to Malacca or just head back Kuala Lumpur. It took us quite long to decide as the weather wasn’t looking that good in Seremban.

Road Signs

However, after much thought about it, we decided to head further down to the historical state. Since the journey only took us about less than 1 hour, we had to take this opportunity to go all out as this such ‘impromptu expedition’ is quite rare.


Upon reaching to Malacca, with all the hype and yada yada, our first itinerary of the day was to have the famous cendol at Jonker Street. The shop was packed with visitor from all walks of life and it was indeed hard to find a place to sit. Hence, we had to share a table with a couple other than waiting for god-knows how long for an empty table.


I’m not too sure about the pricing as they were paid by my friend. All I got to do was to order what I want while waiting to be served (by my friend) at the table. Hehe. This was probably the second time since my last visit.



Right after that, we walked around at the fort since it is quite near to the shop. Equipped with our cameras, we snapped away whatever we saw. It wasn’t that pleasant as the scorching sun was beaming away like there was no tomorrow. Having said that, it was good weather I would say since it was raining cats and dogs in Kuala Lumpur every single day.

Ming Sate Hut

It wasn’t long after we decided to call it a day. But before we left Malacca, we opted for Pork Satay as our lunch. After having the usual chicken and beef satay like every single time in Kuala Lumpur, it was indeed a good choice to have something different.


The only downside about the satay that was served during that day was the size of it. It was rather small. Smaller than my pinky finger and it cost RM0.55 per stick. It was smaller than those served in Kajang, approximately half of the size.

Cucumber and Onions

Oh wait, there’s another complaint about the shop. They cook the satay at the entrance. Be prepared to smell like charcoal when you are done with your food.


Bruise, battered, tired, sweaty and sleepy, we decided to head of back to Kuala Lumpur at about 3pm. Ok ok.. I was exaggerating the ‘bruise and battered’ part. But yeah, I’ve got to send them back safe and sound and in one piece… Besides, it was end of the festive period and I predicted that there will be massive traffic on the highway.

Old Chair


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