In Taiwan – Day 4 (Part 2)

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Upon reaching Alishan, we made a few phone calls to enquire about the hotel rates. All phone numbers were found from the guidebooks we brought along. As my friend said, the good thing about not making reservation beforehand is that we could bargain for a lower price compare to those than stated in the ‘brochure’. The weather in Alishan was somewhat cooler compare to that of Genting Highland (as the temperature shown below). But it will drop further towards the night by a couple degrees more.

16 Degrees

Upon checking into our room, we left the hotel and searched for our lunch. There weren’t much choices to begin with and hence, we have to settle with a small restaurant.

Cold Chicken Dish

The chicken dish you are looking at right now was one of dishes we ordered. It is something like our steamed chicken from chicken rice stall but it was freaking cold!! Chilled!! Cold!! Whatever you like to call it. I guess they served it directly out from the fridge. Bleehhh…

Mineral Water

After the not so satisfying lunch, which cost us NT$1200 for 4 pax, we went to walk around and into forest we went. Being ‘classy’ backpackers, we paid a driver to send us into the jungle instead of walking. Haha.


There weren’t much things to see except for trees….



3 Generation Trees


Odd Tree

Pig Tree

and more odd-looking trees.

Wooden Pathway

Mini Lake

Then, we reached to a mini lake. We whacked snapped pictures as much as possible. But after half an hour or so, things started to change…



Spooky, isn’t it… We continued our journey out of the jungle forest before it gets dark.

Sacred Tree

There weren’t much entertainment at night as all shops were closed. We opted to have our dinner in 7-11 to redeem ourselves as being backpackers.

to be continued


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