In Taiwan – Day 6 (Part 2)

… continuation 


Right after our meal at McDonald’s, we went to a lake/pond whereby some of the beautiful temples were there. At first, we thought of walking to the destination. But after looking at the map (from the guidebook), we decided to take a cab instead (without any objections at all!!).

Twin Pagoda
Dragon Temple

Upon reaching there, the day began to be dark. But there were still a lot of tourists around. Our first stop was the ‘two pagodas’ with dragon and tiger statues in front of them respectively. 

Tiger Temple 

We took quite a number of shots around that temple and some pictures were rather… funny ‘devilish’. Right after that, we walked to another one which was situated nearby (also along the lake/pond). 


Come to think of it, the lake/pond was rather huge. It was so huge that they can afford to host water ski (or something similar) event on that very same lake/pond. 


We left that place once the skies turned dark… real dark at 5pm!!

… to be continued


  1. yalar, this backpacking damned canggih one ahahah…
    the past pic of the red thingy on the water with the tall buildings as background… splendid !!!

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