In Taiwan – Day 11

We were supposed to have a whale watching session in the morning. However, the weather wasn’t ‘friendly’ at all and hence, the plan was cancelled. And we slept till late morning before we checked out of our room. Without having much preference, we ate whatever we could find on that morning itself. Neither did we go out of our way (to the train station) to find for food.


What we ate was rather usual meal for Taiwanese; rice with pork chop and vegetables served on a box. There weren’t much to complain about as there weren’t much choices to choose from. I didn’t take pictures of my first meal of that day not because of the being common but because of laziness. Hehe.



However, I did take my second meal because I was waiting for them (my travelmates) to check out the train’s schedule. It is rather common to have braised hard boiled eggs as part of meal/snack everywhere you go to. I guess it is easy to make and delicious to consume. Other than having eggs, I went for sandwiches as well. Nothing special about as it tastes normal to me.

Narrow Road

Our second last stop was Jiufen. We took a train and reached to the destination around late afternoon. Once we were there, we went straight to the information counter to search for accommodation. Having budget in mind, we stayed in guesthouse which is located at the hills. It took us around 20 mins to reach to the guesthouse from the train station. It might take longer if wasn’t for the driver’s death-defying ‘skill’.

Golden Waterfalls

We left our bags in the room and walked around while waiting for the car to pick us for sightseeing. Our first (and only) stop was this waterfalls. A unique base which is in orange colour due to the deposits of copper and iron from an old mining area. We stayed quite awhile as we need to get the right settings for the camera and all before we moved to another location; which was the night market.

Night Street

The distance between our ‘crib’ to the night market wasn’t near at all. It was like driving from Jalan Bukit Bintang to Kota Kemuning (or maybe further). We took the same car to the night market with extra charge. The driver left us at the market and we wandered around searching for food to eat. And yes, you got it right… The choices were almost the same as like any other night markets.

BBQ Chicken Wings


Fried Crabs

But this time, we tried fried crabs for a change. They were literally everywhere in the night market. And they were as common as BBQ chicken wings. Crunchy, salty and cumbersome, that’s all I got to say about the crabs.


The French labelled them Escargot. But we named them snails. Though I ate curry snail once back in the UK, but I didn’t wanna try them again. Somehow, it didn’t look that appetizing at all.

Curry Rice

They do sell curry too. The curry was directly opposite of what you get in Malaysia. It was sweet and lack of curry flavour.*sarcastic mode on* In honour of the great cook, we didn’t finish that very plate because it was so ‘delicious’ *sarcastic mode off*.

Pork Meat Rice

Yet another common dish in Taiwan. They can be as simple as possible by serving one piece of braised pork meat with rice only. Even though of their simplicity, the dish actually taste quite good… without the bamboo shoots, of course.

Night Alley

We bought other usual stuffs to fill our stomachs. Stuffed, tired and bored, we called the driver to send us back to our ‘crib’. But before reaching to the ‘crib’, we stopped at 7-11 to buy some booze for card games at night. Hehe.

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