In Taiwan – Day 8

Part of the rules being a backpacker is to travel as light as possible. And so, we packed only what we needed for the 2 weeks in Taiwan. However, having said, it was suicidal to pack 2 weeks worth of clothes for the entire trip. Figuring out the amount of clothes plus the weight of the them all would be back-breaking attempt yet tiring, we decided to only bring one week plus worth of clothings with doing laundry in Taiwan in mind.

Kenting Mountain

Knowing that we were running low on clean clothes, we had to head to the nearest laundry shop as soon as possible. We couldn’t find any laundry shop in Kenting and were told that there is no laundry service available in Kenting as the weather was good enough to dry the clothes.

Railway Station

Though Luye offers nice sceneries, we had to do our laundry as soon as possible and so, without putting huge risk on it, we decided to stop in Taitung as it is a big city compare to that of Luye.

Fang Liao Pillar

To get to Taitung, we hired the same car, which took us to Kenting from Kaohsiong, to take us to Fang Liao. From there, we bought train tickets. It didn’t take long before the train arrived. The hours spent in the train was rather a long one.


Upon reaching Taitung, we were figuring out where to stay. After some thoughts and reference from guidebooks, we headed to a rather cheap hostel. The best part of it is there was washing machine and a dryer in the hostel. That settled much our worries. Hehe.

Taitung City

As usual, after putting our bags down, we went out to search for our late lunch. We walked and walked and walked while searching for an open shop that sells food.

Taitung City

To our surprise, the town was rather dead. It was Saturday but the city was dead. Real dead. There weren’t any shops that open for business. But thank god, after 20 mins of walking, we found a shop that sells noodles.

Lamb Chop Noodles

After our lunch, we went to food hunting again. First, we went to a place which sells pork buns. But there was a trick to it. In the bun, there was bamboo shoots and they were (and still is) our number public enemy. LOL.


After struggling of finishing even one bun, we went to another place which sells mochi (a.k.a. lo mai chi in Malaysia).


But before that, we bought the most important thing; washing powder. It was so important that we bought it without looking at the price. Hehe. At night, we went to a Japanese restaurant for a simple dinner before going back to our hostel to do our laundry as well as surfing the internet (free WiFi provided).


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