In Taiwan – Day 13 (Part 1)

It was second day in Taipei and yet, we weren’t sure where to go to. A couple of flips (on guidebook) and off we left for a candy factory.

Cute Mug

We spent about less than 45 minutes before we left visit a temple somewhere in the city. There were plenty of tourists when we were there and not forgetting the locals too. 

Roof Crafting

The structure of the temple is somewhat similar to what we normally see in Malaysia. The only significant difference between them both is the design/crafting of the outer building.


My friends bought a couple of things from the temple as well as prayed for blessing. We didn’t stay as long as what we did in the candy factory as it was close to noon and it was lunch time!!

Noodle Soup 

We looked around and spotted a shop that sells noodles and rice. I opted for noodle soup (as shown above). The soup was rather tasty but to my disappointment, there weren’t any meat in it. And to my surprise, what made the soup so tasty was the ingredients they ‘boiled’ in a big pot (as shown below).

Huge Pot

After our meal, we walked a couple shops away for desserts. As you may already know, Taiwan is pretty famous for its desserts selection. Unlike in Malaysia, there are plenty of shops which solely concentrated on dessert business in Taiwan and they are doing pretty well.

Ice Shavings With Red Bean

My friend  ordered ice shaving with red bean for me and by the looks of it, it is something similiar to ABC (Air Batu Campur) in Malaysia. It taste awesome and really refreshing, especially when consume during hot weather…

to be continued…


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