bookmark_borderIn Taiwan – Day 13 (Part 1)

It was second day in Taipei and yet, we weren’t sure where to go to. A couple of flips (on guidebook) and off we left for a candy factory.

Cute Mug

We spent about less than 45 minutes before we left visit a temple somewhere in the city. There were plenty of tourists when we were there and not forgetting the locals too. 

Roof Crafting

The structure of the temple is somewhat similar to what we normally see in Malaysia. The only significant difference between them both is the design/crafting of the outer building.


My friends bought a couple of things from the temple as well as prayed for blessing. We didn’t stay as long as what we did in the candy factory as it was close to noon and it was lunch time!!

Noodle Soup 

We looked around and spotted a shop that sells noodles and rice. I opted for noodle soup (as shown above). The soup was rather tasty but to my disappointment, there weren’t any meat in it. And to my surprise, what made the soup so tasty was the ingredients they ‘boiled’ in a big pot (as shown below).

Huge Pot

After our meal, we walked a couple shops away for desserts. As you may already know, Taiwan is pretty famous for its desserts selection. Unlike in Malaysia, there are plenty of shops which solely concentrated on dessert business in Taiwan and they are doing pretty well.

Ice Shavings With Red Bean

My friend  ordered ice shaving with red bean for me and by the looks of it, it is something similiar to ABC (Air Batu Campur) in Malaysia. It taste awesome and really refreshing, especially when consume during hot weather…

to be continued…

bookmark_borderLam Mee By Restoran Cosy Corner, Cheras

It was raining. In fact, it rained as early as 6am on that day. However, it didn’t deter us from having a delicious plate of Lam Mee on one Saturday morning. Though it wasn’t at as ungodly hour as I used to have dim sum, but the fact is that it was still hard to wake up at 8am on rainy day.

Inside Restoran Cosy Corner

The coffee shop serves quite a number of dishes. Prawn Mee, Curry Mee, Noodle Soup and etc. But, their famous dish of all is none other than Lam Mee. Upon arrival, there were only few customers around. We were surprised, as usually, there will be quite a number of tables being occupied by 8.30am. Or perhaps, there weren’t many crazy people like us who wake up on rainy day just for a plate of noodles.

Order List

The waiteress was ready to serve us as all the customers at that time were already eating. As usual, we ordered what we always order; that is Lam Mee. On top of that, we ordered a couple pieces of Yong Tau Foo as side order/snacks.

Chili Sauce

First, came the chilis (or belacan) sauce. Unlike other places, some stalls wouldn’t be bothered to blend the chilis (plus other stuffs in it) properly. Hence, you get to see huge chunk of chilis, garlics, onions and etc on the small little plate. However, for this stall, the chili sauce is smooth yet not too watery. Although the sauce wasn’t as thick as it used to be, it was quite spicy and sour yet flavourful and so, I’ve no complaints about it.

Lam Mee

A few minutes later, the noodles came. My friend ordered Lam Hor Fun while I opted for the original thick noodles one. From the looks of it, the soup wasn’t super thick (which indicates full of starch) yet not too diluted. Moreover, the soup didn’t taste like it was made solely out of MSG only which is a good thing. I drank most of the soup by the end of the meal. Hehe. Other than slices of chicken breast and prawns, there were minced pork meat too; that’s if you are lucky enough.

Fried Foo Chok

While we were happily eating our plate of noodles, the Yong Tau Foo came. We ordered Fried Foo Chook, Fried Siu Kao as well as meatballs. The perks of being early birds is that the Yong Tau Foo is pipping hot when it is served. That indicates that they just finished frying them for their customers. Truth to be told, I’m not a sucker for Fried Foo Chook. I used to be, but not anymore. They were delicious like any other stalls offer. In it, there was a very thin layer of fish paste. It was so thin that I thought there wasn’t any at all in the first place. But yeah, it still taste nice.

Fried Siu Kao

The fried dumpling tastes mediocre only. Part of the reason I said so is because of the usage of fish paste instead of minced meat (plus prawn). I reckoned that there are other places that serve better Fried Siu Kao.


This same goes to the meatball. Yes, they are made of pork and they are not those commonly found in the supermarkets. I guess they make them by themselves from raw materials daily.

Prawn Mee

Being a glutton myself, a plate of noodles ain’t enough for me. Hence, I looked at the menu and ordered a bowl of Prawn Mee. It smells alright but taste wise, let’s just say it was so-so only. And again, there are other places which sell good bowl of Prawn Mee. So, when you are at this coffee shop, just go straight to the point and order their famous Lam Mee instead of trying others. That’s what they are famous for, anyway. Their business starts at 8.30am. Be sure to go there early as their Lam Mee sells out pretty fast.

Restoran Cosy Corner

Restoran Cosy Corner
No.113, Block P/F,
Jalan KasKas,
Tmn Cheras,
56000 Kuala Lumpur.


Map of Restoran Cosy Corner

*Blue circle in the map denotes the location of the shop.

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