Brunch At Canton-i, The Gardens

Though I heard of this name available in other shopping complexes, little did I know there is one in The Gardens, Mid Valley. Well, not until my friends told me about it. And so, I went there for breakfast-cum-lunch (a.k.a. brunch) with my mum on one Sunday morning.

Wet Towel

Somehow, this restaurant is related to Dragon-i and they serve nothing but Cantonese food as opposed to Dragon-i which serve Shanghainese food (I think).  Knowing that the lunch crowd will start to build up during lunch time, we reached there at about 11am and it was already almost full. By 11.30am, there were customers waiting in queue outside the restaurant hoping to get a table.

Order List

A quick glance at the menu and noticed they serve quite a variety of dishes. From noodles to rice, dim sum to snack, congees to desserts, they pretty much covered everything. Being hungry soul, I’ve ordered one dish (or more dishes) from each section.

Lean Meat & Century Egg Congee

First up was the Lean Meat and Century Egg Congee. When it first arrived, I was rather amused with the outlook of it. There was nothing on the surface except for spring onions and slight visibility of century egg. It was totally different from what I saw from the menu. But it was just a false alarm as all the ingredients were hidden below. The congee (or some called it porridge) was really smooth and thick. It makes me wonder whether do they blend it to get such a texture. Hehe.

Siu Mai

Har Kow

Then came the dim sum. Without fail, Siu Mai and Har Kow will be on my list of must-order dim sums. From appearance wise, there was nothing to shout about. It was pipping hot when they were served. Maybe, they steam them upon receiving order from the counter. The Siu Mai was slight salty on that day. Other than that, there’s no complaint about both the dim sum as the prawns used were fresh.

Prawn Wantan Noodles

This is their signature dish, so they claimed. It is Prawn Wantan Noodles (or something goes along the line). And again, I could taste the freshness of the prawn they used in their dishes. The noodles weren’t overcooked and the soup was alright. Do bear in mind that there are price difference between dry type and soup-based. Don’t ask me why.

Jumbo Prawn Cheong Fun

Our last prawn dish was Jumbo Prawn Cheong Fun. There were about 3 to 4 pieces of jumbo prawns in there. Apart from the size, the cheong fun was alright. Unlike other places, you’ve got to request for chili oil as it does not come with the dish.

Siew Yoke

Char Siew

Last but not least, we ordered 2 combinations of pork meat; Char Siew and Siew Yoke. There is only one sentence to describe about them; they were good. Crispy salty skin with fat and lean meat of the Siew Yoke was all one could ask for. The Char Siew didn’t fail me either. There was one thing that caught my attention and that is the way they cut the meat. The size was bigger than those sold in chicken rice stalls.

Mango & Pamelo Sago Cream

Peanut Butter Tong Sui

As for desserts, I picked Mango & Pomelo Sago Cream while my mum went for Sweetened Peanut Butter Puree (a.k.a. Fa Shang Wu in Cantonese). I didn’t try the peanut thingy but according to my mum, it was good as there was slight hint of salty-ness. As for my dessert, I love the way they blend the mango puree with cream (and ice?). It was smooth as it looks to be. They were pretty generous on the mangoes too.

HK Tea with Milk

All in all, it was a good brunch on a lazy Sunday. The food was good so as the service on that day. The total bill came out to be around RM114, which is on the high side. But judging on the location plus the quality food they serve, one couldn’t complain much. And yes, forgive me for the horribly yellowish pictures…


  1. hanlun : They are different from one another. Very different.

    Jason : Let’s go when you’re here… :D

    Jian : Maybe. LOL.

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