In Taiwan – Conclusion

Though it has been over 4 months since my trip, I’ve finally get to finish up about my visit. I’m pretty sure my colleagues were relieved after reading my Day 15 & Day 16 post. LOL.

Taipei 101

All in all, it was a kick-ass trip I’ve ever had in a long long time. Though we did not have any solid itinerary at all, I’ve got to say that it went really well. This trip provides wonderful memories as it was all about being in different environment in a different country. Besides, it was all about foods and valuable experience that I’ve tried and gained which I will not trade for anything else.


Great companies during holidays means a lot. And I am glad that great friends were with me throughout this trip. Seriously, nothing beats an enjoyable care-free holiday with people you are comfortable with. Though there were moments which we stressed upon; i.e. ‘rapid financial depletion’, I have to say that I enjoyed the trip thoroughly. Oh yes, the ‘rapid financial depletion’ part is another experience which I will not forget and that part itself somehow prepared me for my future holidays; that is to always have extra cash in hand (or credit card, if any). You will never know when shits happened.


The stroll (or trekking) in Taroko National Park. The buzzing city of Taipei. The hilarious moments we went thru. The weirdest food we had in Taichung. The crazy moments we did when we were at Alishan. The torturous moment during Day 2. These were a few that I fondly remembered of. But, the best part that I love the most was our stop at Kenting. The scenery is just breath-taking. Before I forget, we defined ‘backpacking with style’ in our own way…

Beef Noodles

Honestly, this trip did burn a huge hole into my savings. The amount of money I’ve spent in this trip was well-worth and it was the highlight of my year 2008. Though my colleagues thought I’ve eloped as I did not tell them about my sudden long disappearance, this trip was my well-deserved break which I had been longing for since I started working. By the way, as of writing this post, I am still single and unattached.

Taroko Gorge

So, do head over to my Flickr if you want to view pictures I took during this trip. If you are interested in very detailed journal of this trip, head over to my friend’s website.

I’m so looking forward to my next holiday… which I don’t know when and where.


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