The Great Escapade

Ever since I was forced pressured to join my friend, Jason, to Taiwan late last year, I’ve been wanting to get back at him by taunting pestering 24-7 to go on holiday with me. You know, so that we are even at “forcing” one another. It was also that very trip that causes a huge hole in my wallet/bank. That makes me longing for a “revenge” more.


However, having said that, forcing is one thing. Being a good friend is another. Having the thought of asking him to fork out another huge sum of money for traveling is no-no since he has purchased another huge toy. So, I’ve to think about his financial status which kinda depleted rapidly, according to him. Besides, I don’t like to force people, yanno…

Therefore, it’s pretty difficult situation for me at the moment. Not much cash at his hand and getting my “revenge” does not mix very well. I’ve to think really hard (yeah, like I will) to come out a strategy so I could produce a win-win situation. And hopefully, Jian could be my accomplice too.

MAS Stimulus Package Tag

Thankful, came MAS Stimulus Package. They have been spamming advertising everywhere including the ever famous Facebook, newspapers and their website. If you don’t know about it, go smack yourself on the head and start reading about it.

MAS Stimulus Package

There are 9 packages to choose from and these options are there for two reasons; to cater for wide variety of travelers and to make traveling by air more affordable. I guess it would be a breeze to select what I want and to tempt Jason at same time.  As one said, revenge is sweet. But these deals are even sweeter.

Malaysia Flag

Oh yes.. Did I mention I’ll be targeting local holiday instead of overseas trip, somewhere I could chill & relax on a beach? You know, the whole financial and being a good friend thingy *tsk* *tsk*. From the outlook of it, I am pretty sure that there are a couple of packages I could select from which might (and probably will) suitably cater to my needs; namely “Grab & Deal“, “Weekend Getaway” and “80% Off Domestic and Asean“. And best of all, they are all available for local travels too. What a good way to encourage people (like me!!) to travel locally which is affordable and fun.

Beach In Taiwan

Beaches, here I come… that’s if all goes well.


  1. LOL…
    I totally agree on getting back at Jason. Lemme know if u need me to do anything too ekekekekkeekekeke… ive got my sum of “unfinished business” with him too.

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