Time Flies

Seriously, I feel that time flies by real damn supersonic fast.

I can still remember the day my parents left for a tour. It just happened 2 weeks back on Thursday when I was still awake to send my parents off. I was smiling away as I knew I will have 11 days of freedom with the house all by myself.

But I also knew that I had to work on weekends of the same week. So, technically speaking, one weekend was gone for nothing. I didn’t want to go out during the night (weekend somemore!!) as I knew I would be dead tired during the daytime.

Then came last week when I had to nurse my headache for 3 consecutive days and so, 3 days gone with much suferring.

Thursday and Friday arrived and I was busy completing some tasks. I was literally smashed the moment I reached home. Oh yeah, I’ve to clean the house too. Gah…

Then the final weekend arrived but I didn’t get any rest at all. I’ve got many errands to complete till the point that I’ve to wake up early during weekend!! Shiat!!

And now, my parents will be back today…

There goes my ‘freedom’. Blerrghh…


  1. You should be asking jason for some tips. Everytime i seem like i have not enough minutes in a day, he comes back at me by saying he has too much time and being bored beyond any possible boredom.

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