Beach Road Prawn Mee Eating House, East Coast Road, Singapore

Without fail, my sister will take me to this shop whenever I’m in Singapore. Well, according to her, that’s the closest thing she could get for a good bowl of prawn mee.

Beach Road Prawn Mee Eating House

Located along East Coast Road, it is about 10 minutes drive from my sister’s place. But on one particular day (during my short holiday), and since they weren’t around and there’s no car, I’m not sure why or what, I decided to walk to the said shop. Walking under a hot scorching sun with a migraine for 30 minutes is ain’t fun, I tell you. But then again, I insisted on taking a long walk on that day because I need to take a breather. But that’s another story…

So, when I reached to that place, the shop was not packed as during weekends because it was mid morning on a weekday. Ordering was a breeze. All you need to do is to grab a table, remember the table number, proceed to the counter to order and pay there and then.

Prawn Mee

For unknown reason, I decided to pick the most expensive one in their menu; Jumbo Prawn Mee. Please don’t ask me why. Maybe my migraine screwed up my thinking on that day and made me pay for more. It took about 5 – 10 minutes for my order to arrive. There were 2 – 3 jumbo fresh prawns in it. Unlike the ones in Malaysia, the soup has this very vague taste but it wasn’t tasteless, that’s for sure. Please do take note that their mee hoon is slightly thicker compare to that in Malaysia.


Besides, it wasn’t spicy at all. One needs to add chili powder and chili powder for more ‘kickness’. They are readily placed on each and every table for customer’s convenience. I was literally speechless when my sister told me about this, I kid you not.

Lime Juice

To wash it all down, it was a cold cup of lime juice. Not too sour yet not too sweet. They were just at the right level.


The total damage was SGD$12. But I can’t complain much because the noodle was decently alright. And I’ll probably go back there again whenever I’m in Singapore again… with my sister footing the bill. Haha.

370/372, East Coast Road,
Singapore #428981.


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