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Tarts. Apart from egg tarts, I can’t exactly remember when the last time I had them was. Fruit tarts to be exact. The one with fresh fruits, custard and cream layered one after another on a pastry finished with a glaze to give a beautiful sparkling / shine effect.

Fruit Paradise

The ones offered by confectionary shops are usually the small pathetic looking tiny ones. They might look good but taste wise, is rather disappointing. Usually, it is either the pastry is too thick or there are too much cream / custard filling in it. Disappointing.


But, now that I’ve tried the tarts from this shop, it’s safe to say that there’s still hope in getting good fruit tarts out there. Not wanting to say it’s something totally new / refreshing or it’s amazingly delicious, at least they were better than the ones that usually I see from those bakery shops.

Mango Tart

The Mango Tart was something special compared to others. The slight sour-ish cream cheese filling coupled with mangoes makes the tart all more appetizing that it looks to be. Now if only they reduce the amount of (fresh) cream they used, that would be prefect.

Chocolate Banana Tart

As for the Chocolate Banana Fruit Tart, there’s nothing special about it. A couple slices of bananas and some cocoa powder on it, it’s forgettable (sounds familiar, eh…).


Suffice to say that I still go for the Mango Tart on my next trip… or maybe something else. Except for the Chocolate Banana Fruit Tart.

181 Orchard Road,
#05-51/52 Orchard Central,

bookmark_borderOMG Pirates

OMG Pirates
Been playing this game ever since I downloaded / bought it. Long story short, it’s about a ninja village being attacked by the pirates and yada yada. You get the drift…

OMG Pirates

I just love the uber cute graphics yet addictive gameplay. Best of all, it doesn’t need much brain power. Maneuvering, jumping, attacking and blocking are all controlled with using the joysticks on the screen itself. Oh yes, there’s a devastating super move as well (as shown in the last pic).

OMG Pirates

There are 15 stages (missions) to be completed and there are a few statues in each stage. To unlock certain stuff (cheats), one must gain the highest status; Master. So far, I’ve only completed 8 missions and I managed to gain Master status for the first 5 missions.

OMG Pirates

Cute, eh…

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