bookmark_borderDinner At Pasta Zanmai, Mid Valley

By my guess, you’d probably be bored of reading about this restaurant since its inception in the late 2007. I won’t be surprised at all if you decided to skip this post as it may have appeared in thousands of blogs by now. But regardless, I’m still going to proceed…

Pasta Zanmai

Notoriety for its bold move to combine the west side (Italian) with the east side (Japanese), it has been a fan fare for those who love this type of weird yet oddly good combination. Who’d have thought that it’s okay to serve pasta with a slab of fried chicken? Or serving pizza with seaweeds and egg as toppings? And who’d have thought that people do actually like them? It’s uncommon but it is this restaurant that made it possible.

Pasta Zanmai

Although they aren’t as busy as their other ‘sister brand’ (Sushi Zanmai which is famous for its long queues during peak hours), it is good to know that they have been doing well that they managed to attract customers from different age group with its scrumptious food. For the uninitiated, the Zanmais are under the huge umbrella of the Super Sushi who manages all these restaurants.

Green Tea

It sure beats me (or perhaps you too) to find out that prior to this post (visit), I’ve not stepped into this restaurant before even though it’s located at a shopping complex I called my second home.

Long story short, along with a friend, I’ve finally made a visit on one fine day just to see how good it was, as what I’ve read over the net.

Mini Ebi Ika no Spicy Pasta

For RM23, it came a set of Mini Ebi Ika no Spicy Pasta and Mini Chicken Onsen Tamago Pizza. It was prefect for one person as the portion for both of the dishes was small. The pasta was seasoned properly but it was not spicy as it tickled my tastebud just a little. The squids and prawns were fresh though.

Mini Chicken Onsen Tamago Pizza

Topped with grilled chicken, onions, seaweeds and egg, the pizza was alright although the pizza dough could be done better. The egg was cooked nicely with runny egg yolk waiting to be burst and spread all over the pizza. Having said that, there were too much of the raw onions top of the pizza. A big no no for those who dislike them.

Salmon Sashimi

The salmon sashimi was good; fresh with decent thickness. A little pricey though as it was RM20 for 5 slices. With extra few RM, you may opt for a set meal which comes with a bowl of rice, salad and something else.

Chicken Katsu Toji Pasta

Chicken Katsu Toji pasta is essentially a pasta topped with braised chicken cutlet, egg, onions & mushrooms. The portion was big with a big slab of fried chicken on top. Just like the mini pizza, there were lots of onions on top.

Ika Geso Karaage (Fried Squid Tentacles)

Priced at RM12, Ika Geso Karaage (fried squid tentacles) was well seasoned with salty and peppery taste to it. Slight chewy but it was alright – good to eat along with a cup of chilled beer.

Ebi to Potato no Gratan (Potato Gratin with prawns)

I was surprised to see Ebi to Potato no Gratan (Potato Gratin with prawns) in the menu as not many restaurants at such level I know that serve this classic French dish. I tried once when my friend baked a simple one and I liked it. And to see it in menu, it piqued my interest a little and somehow I had to order it to see how it fared.

Ebi to Potato no Gratan (Potato Gratin with prawns)

Potatoes were cooked nicely with slight bite to it. There was lack of seasoning which can be tweaked with a dash of salt and pepper. It was the last dish to arrive and by then we were pretty stuffed. Hence, we didn’t manage to finish it. Having said that, it’s best to share among your peeps as it’s a rich dish and it’s not a dish which you can eat it all by yourself. A portion like this will set you back RM20.

Pasta Zanmai

Overall, it was decent meal. The service was prompt and the staff was attentive. Luckily, there was no queue although we arrived at peak hour. The ingredients – particularly the seafood – they used were fresh while the portion of the dishes was normal – not too big or too small. My only gripe was that they tend to use lots of onions in some of their dishes. Now that I know what’s the fuss all about, I wouldn’t mind going back again as there are other dishes I’ve yet to try.

Address :
F-051, 1st Floor,
Mid Valley Megamall,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Telephone Number : +603 2283 2160 / +6012 720 2160

Daily Business Hours : 10AM – 10PM

bookmark_borderPenang Trip – Day 2 (Part 3)

Fresh from our nap, we dragged our lazy arses out the hotel in search for our dinner. It was close after 8PM when we walked out of our hotel. At first, we thought of having street / hawker food for dinner. And hence, we walked our way toward Kimberley Street as we knew it was the place known for good street food. Upon reaching there, the sight of the food stall did not catch our attention. There were a couple of stalls here and there selling noodles and rice. Not attracted by them, we made a decision not to dine there and walked a little further to Penang Road for the famous Nasi Kandar Line Clear.

Nasi Kandar Line Clear

It is said to be in the business for more than 45 years whereby tourists and the locals flocking at this place to taste its famed nasi kandar. A simple set up with chairs and tables located at the behind for customers’ usage while at the front, that’s where all the foods are.

Queue At Nasi Kandar Line Clear

At the entrance, on the right, pots of assorted curries, vegetables, fish, muttons, prawn and squids were placed on shelf readily for customer’s selection while on the left, we saw the staff was frying bucket full of marinated chickens.

Frying Chicken

Nasi Kandar Line Clear

We were lucky that there weren’t many customers when we arrived at the scene as there were empty tables and chairs and the queue wasn’t long. Maybe it was still early or the peak hour has passed. Nevertheless, it was a good sign for us as we didn’t have to queue for long. Hehe. We had seen the long queue before when we passed by there earlier in the day.

Nasi Kandar Line Clear

With the option of briyani or white rice, I took the latter as my carbs. Drenched with various types of curries, I opted for some greens, an egg and a huge piece of fried chicken. Although the fried chicken was lukewarm, the batter was still crunchy and the breast meat was moist. Each mouthful of the curry-drenched rice boasted an inviting appetizing flavour of various spices that were used in those rich curries. What’s more was that the curries were not fiery hot (for me at least) as it didn’t give me a tongue-numbing experience toward end of the meal. I tasted some of my friend’s mutton curry and it was pretty good. The meat didn’t have strong gamey taste and it did absorb the spices well. I paid RM5.90 (including drinks) for my share.

As we walked back to our hotel, my friend suggested that we should stop at Kimberley Street for some tong sui (desserts). I didn’t object as I could do some sweetness after the hefty meal. Besides, we were going to pass by there anyway.

Restoran Traditional Home of Dessert Kimberley Street

This was the shop my friend was talking about; Restoran Traditional Home of Dessert. It’s a simple shop with tables and chairs placed along the walls and a stall outside where we placed our orders before finding a place to sit inside. The good thing about this shop / stall was that we were able to order food from other stalls and bringing it inside the shop for consumption.

Char Koay Teow Stall Kimberley Street

And we did just that. We could not resist the temptation of ordering a plate of char koay teow as we sat near at the entrance of the shop watching the man busy frying in front of the wok under intense heat of charcoal. The flame itself was good enough to convince us to order a plate from the stall. Suckers we are. Haha. How could you resist a plate of CKT that is fried using charchoal as heat source? Tell me… tell me!

Red Bean Soup

Peanut Soup

We waited for about 10 minutes or so before our orders arrive. Sad to say, there was nothing to shout about the desserts. Simple to say the least, they were just mediocre at best. RM2.20 per bowl, I wouldn’t go back there again unless I have to.

Char Koay Teow Kimberley Street

Probably due to different frying technique as well as different heat source, the char koay teow was sloppy, oily and slightly on the wet side than usual. The usage of duck egg didn’t help much either as the taste was just alright. My friend didn’t like it due to the wetness but I didn’t mind about it. I couldn’t remember how much it costs, but I guess it is within RM4.50 to RM5.00 for a normal plate. There’s a famous stall selling duck koay chap (located just opposite of the dessert shop), but we didn’t manage to try it, although we should have, as we were really stuffed by then. After the meal, we took a long stroll back – we took it as an exercise and to digest our meal – to the hotel.

But we didn’t call it a day just yet. We refused to. Instead, we headed out again for supper after we had our bath, rest and flipping a couple of TV shows in the hotel room. We had something in mind for supper and with that, we drove out looking for it even though it was close to 12AM already. The journey was rather a pleasant one as there were few cars on the road (even for a Friday night).

Old Green House Burma Road

It took us about 10 minutes (from George Town) to arrive at this place; Restoran Old Green House. Pardon me for horrible photos as I only brought my compact camera out. This restaurant / coffee shop is located along Burma Road and it is said to be the hot spot for night owls for supper. Although it was packed with customers when we arrived, we were able to grab an empty table inside the shop.

Old Green House Burma Road Hokkien Mee

There were a couple of food stalls in there but we were there for only one purpose; that was to try out the Hokkien Mee (or a.k.a. Prawn Mee). The good thing about this stall is that you get to add extra ingredients apart from the usual prawns and sliced pork meat. A small bowl cost RM3.50 and additional RM1.00 for each topping. We ‘customised’ ours by adding pork balls and siew yoke (roasted pork).

Old Green House Burma Road Hokkien Mee

Safe to say, it was alright with the soup met its requirement; hearty, tasty with natural sweetness. The chilli paste adds extra kick to it but it wasn’t spicy enough. Siew yoke was good as the skin was crackling crispy while the pork balls were firm and bouncy.

Steamed Chicken

Apart from that, my friend ordered a plate of steamed chicken (a thigh and a breast meat) from the porridge stall (I think). For RM8.00, it may look pale and unappetizing but don’t let that fool you. They were good; smooth, moist and tender even for the breast meat. The soy sauce was kept to a minimal in order to not let it affect the natural taste of the chicken.

Satisfied with our meal, we adjourned back to our hotel and called it a day.

Address :

Nasi Kandar Line Clear
177 Jalan Penang (Penang Road)
10000 Georgetown,

Old Green House Restaurant
223 Burma Road
GPS Coordinates: N5 25.421 E100 19.261
Business hours: 8pm to 4am (Closed on Sundays)

Kimberley Street Hawker Stalls
Lebuh Kimberley,
10100 Penang.

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