Breakfast At Malones, Pavilion Shopping Mall

Feeling a lil adventurous, instead of going for the usual breakfast by La Bodega, my friend and I stopped short at Malones to try out their breakfast menu. I’ve been wanting to try ‘em for the past few months as I’ve been seeing their advert board quite frequently in front of their bar.

Malones, Pavilion

It was still early – around 11AM on Sunday morning, and hence, the Irish bar in Pavilion shopping mall was still empty when we arrived. Their menu was limited yet simple and straightforward. Just like the former, they have the usual breakfast stuff; full works, pancakes, omelettes, and oats. We opted for the heavy duty ones.


Malones Hearty Breakfast (RM25.90) came in a rather huge plate with all the essentials arranged neatly. Beef bacon, chicken sausage, turkey ham, toast, hash brown, baked beans, grilled tomato, sautéed mushrooms and two eggs (cooked according to preference) were given as shown in the photo.

Malones Hearty Breakfast

Somehow, it fell short in terms of quality and quantity… if I were to compare it with the one by La Bodega’s. The amount given for the sauteed mushrooms, bacon and ham were measly while the toast was just of an ordinary bread. That said, the hash brown was alright with crispy texture throughout but we didn’t really like the chicken sausage – due to the taste / herbs in it – although it wasn’t those commercialised ones. The only winning point for this breakfast dish was the smooth runny scrambled eggs. A dash of salt and pepper, it’s good to eat it on its own.

Orang Juice


The tea that came along with the breakfast set was okay since they were using Cameron Valley product. But the orange juice was ready-made / bottled ones… unlike La Bodega’s awesome freshly squeezed orange juice.

Eggs Benedict

The Eggs Benedict (RM12.90) didn’t win our votes either. Part of it was due to the Hollandaise sauce. I’ve no idea why or what or maybe it’s their ‘standard serving portion’, the given sauce was so little that it was negligible and it didn’t play its important part in the dish.

Eggs Benedict

Apart from that, although the poached eggs were done nicely – firm yet runny yolk, there was a sourish note at some parts of the eggs which I didn’t favour much. There were bits of sautéed mushrooms at the center of the plate but they weren’t enough to save the dish.

Cappuccino Coffee

I had to order a drink since the Eggs Benedict didn’t come with one and I made a wrong choice of ordering a cup of cappuccino because it was just appaling. For RM11.90 a cup, it’s just not worth paying for a tasteless poorly ‘brewed’ cup of joe. With that amount charged, I would gladly top up and get a cuppa from Starbucks / Coffee Bean / Espressamente Illy nearby.

Malones, Pavilion

All in all, the quality / experience wasn’t up to expectation as they didn’t hit all the right spots. The food wasn’t as satisfying as I expected it to be while the drinks especially the coffee and orange juice were below par. The service was slow during peak hours since there were only two waiters running the show. For the price they are charging, I would rather pay less to dine in Coffee Bean or pay slightly more for a better meal at La Bodega. However, don’t take my word for it. Give them a try and tell me your thoughts. Their breakfast menu is available daily from 8AM to 3PM (for Pavilion branch).

Lot C3.02.00, Level 3,
Pavilion KL Shopping Mall
No. 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.


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