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Yuzu, as I always portray it, is a Japanese fine dining restaurant in The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City. From the entrance to the dining area to the counter bar, there’s Japanese essence embedded in the decoration in each and every nook of the restaurant that lightens up the dining mood. It is also a class above the rest when it compares to other Japanese restaurants like Sushi Zanmai and Sushi Tei.


If it weren’t for this post, the chances of me dining in this restaurant are close to zero as the price range does not really go well with my wallet. Besides, it has been awhile since I last had shabu-shabu. Hence, the choice was imminent when I was in The Gardens Mall for dinner on one rainy evening.

Yuzu Promotion Banner

For RM98++, it’s all you can eat affair/promotion for pax of 2. One gets to choose between beef and/or fish (salmon and yellowtail). Apart from those, a plate full of vegetables and a bowl of udon are given. Yes, they are refillable too!

Steamboat Broth / Soup

The broth was light and simple when it came to our table with a portable stove below it. Be warned that there are a couple of sliced lemon peels in it to freshen up the soup. So, if you don’t fancy those (peels), do remove it before you begin your cooking process.



The heaps of vegetables (cabbages, enoki and shitake mushrooms, carrots and spring onions) were fresh while there were a couple of beancurds.

Sliced Beef

The beef was thinly sliced and hence, it required a quick dip to get it cooked nicely without getting too rubbery. Fish meat was not picked during the meal and hence I’m not too sure about the freshness of it. But I guess they are as fresh as the sliced beef.

Dipping Sauce

I like their dipping sauce particularly as it was nutty, salty yet slight bitter aftertaste. It went very well with the cooked meat.

Oyako MakiOyako Maki (RM18)

Apart from that, we ordered Oyako Maki (RM18). It came in three sushi rice wrapped beautifully with sliced fresh salmon and topped with tobiko of different flavours.

Yuzu Shabu Shabu Set

In total, my friend and I consumed 13 plates of sliced beef, 3 plates of vegetables and half bowl of udons… and of course, the Oyako Maki. All of those in less than an hour. I reckon we could do more damage but we were not in optimum condition on that day. But you should look at the waitresses’ facial expression when we were asking for more beef within minutes after the previous plate of beef has arrived. LOL! I’m not sure how long does this promotion last but I guess you should try it while it’s still on.

Address :
T236, 3rd Floor,
The Garden,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Telephone Number : +603 2284 7663 / 2284 7763

bookmark_borderIn Cameron Highlands – Strawberry Moment Dessert Cafe

There are two things that pretty much sum up about Cameron Highlands; strawberry and tea. Let it be farms, plantations, shops, restaurants or cafes, these two are to be found in every nook and corner in Cameron Highlands.

Strawberry Moment

We stumbled upon this cafe when we were on our way to a strawberry farm in Brinchang. It was accidental discovery but with the bright red signboard and the name of the cafe; Strawberry Moment, it’s hard to miss this cafe. Besides, we thought we could do some strawberry desserts since we hardly had any (if not none) throughout our stay in Cameron Highlands.

Strawberry Moment

It was close to late noon when we were there and yet, it was packed to the brim that we had to sit outside. Not that we were complaining since it was cooling weather we could enjoy while dining. The menu was pretty extensive with mostly filled by desserts. There were, of course, drinks and main meals such as salads and sandwiches for those who want to fill up their tummy.

Strawberry Strudel

Apart from the menu, some of the desserts were displayed in display counter fridge. That’s where (and/or how) we ordered the Strawberry Strudel and Strawberry Cheese Cake. The service was pretty jiff as we didn’t wait long for our desserts to arrive. Perhaps, most of the tables were already being served.

Strawberry Strudel

The Strawberry Strudel (RM7.50 per slice) was pretty alright. The pastry was light yet flaky – giving a crackling sound when it’s being cut through. The cream was spread evenly and generously on every layer while fresh sliced strawberries were arranged neatly exposing slightly to give it an irresistible look.

Strawberry Cheese Cake

We liked the Strawberry Cheese Cake as well. I couldn’t recall the exact price of it but if my memory serves me right, it should linger around RM9 per slice. Tartness and thickness of the cheese were just right while the base was slightly thicker than the usual cheesecake we normally get from bakery. Nevertheless, they blended well with the fresh strawberries which were piled on top as the fruit gave it the much needed sour note to the rich sinful dessert.

Fresh Strawberry Milkshake

However, with both desserts being decent, their Fresh Strawberry Milkshake (RM10.90) didn’t really make the cut. It wasn’t as rich and thick as how a milkshake should be while there was a faint of strawberry taste in it. Somehow, it wasn’t fulfilling / satisfying nor did it give the guilty effect… if you know what I mean.

Vanilla Tea

We returned again on the following day since we were killing time before heading back to KL. The cafe was empty when we stepped in but soon after, customers started to flow in. For this round, we opted for something lighter / simpler.

Strawberry Crepe

Although Strawberry Crepe (RM12.90) may sound as simple / light as one could imagine, it came in a rather huge portion with two big scoops of vanilla ice cream hidden underneath the adequately thin crepe. Taste wise, there was nothing to shout about although the mixture of the icy cold ice cream with the tangy strawberry worked hand-in-hand together.


Though the Chocoberry (RM13.90 for 6 pieces) looked too beautiful to be devoured, there’s nothing special about it. And in all honesty, they were quite pricey as they were just strawberries dipped in chocolate giving it a sweet-sour pleasure. And that’s just it!

There were hits and misses but overall, Strawberry Moment is a rather decent cafe. Its nice quiet ambiance coupled with cooling weather makes it a pleasant place to enjoy your dessert with a cup of tea in hand.

Address :
24, Jalan Angsana Satu,
Brinchang Point,
39100 Cameron Highlands,

GPS Coordinates : 4.493519, 101.388003

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