In Malacca – Restoran Lois Top Beef & Bakuteh

Some say that your Malacca trip / holiday is not complete if you have not had any chicken rice balls. And some say that you must have the famous chendol with thick gula melaka (palm sugar) before leaving the historical state.

Restoran Lois Top Beef and Bakuteh, Melaka

Well… it may be applicable to tourists and many others but to me, one of the meals that I must have whenever I’m in Malacca is from this place.

Spacious seats at Restoran Lois Top Beef and Bakuteh

When I first had it, it was located along Jalan Penghulu Abas. That was a couple years back and they have shifted to this spanking new outlet not long ago. Spacious, clean and airy, new customers would love this place compared to the old one. I know I would since parking is abundance too.

Rice with Beef Bak Kut Teh

Despite being labelled as Beef Bak Kut Teh, first timers would be disappointed by its taste as there is lack of herbal goodness in it, unlike the famous porky counterpart. Nevertheless, the distinctive hot peppery taste (of the soup) will grow on you after a couple sips thereafter. I know it did to me.

Beef Bak Kut Teh

Slices of beef meat are usually added on top of the pile of other goodies such as beef balls, foo chuk (fried beancurd), tripe, stomach and cabbages.

Sliced Beef in Claypot

By this way, customers get to cook the meat (in the pipping hot soup) according to their liking and not overcooking the meat by the time the claypot arrives to the table.

Beef Bak Kut Teh with Rice

The total bill for two portion with two bowls of rice and drinks is around RM28. It is definitely worth the try if you are new to this or have not heard of this stall or have heard of it but yet to try it. One might not like it as much as I do. But if you are feeling adventurous or still wondering why this is my must-go-to stall in Malacca (probably due to my vaguely description of the meal), you’ve gotta try it out and tell me your feedbacks.

Address :
Jalan Permai 4,
75350 Melaka.

GPS Coordinates : 2.226478, 102.26365

Business Hours : 1030AM – 2PM and 6PM – 10PM


  1. Hihi.. does he still serve pork bak kut teh?? miss the soup so much! Din know he has shifted to new location.. jst tot it (Bukit Baru) was closed during my last visit.. Tq for the info! gonna enjoy it during my Nov trip.. =)

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