In Ipoh – Foh San (富山) Dim Sum

Foh San Dim Sum, Ipoh by Foh San Dim Sum, Ipoh

By now, this dim sum mammoth needs no introduction at all. Its name is pretty much synonymous and/or tied to Ipoh dim sum. While the some locals detest them, most tourists from other states will flock to this place for breakfast. And while there are other dim sum joints in the city, Foh San dominates the dim sum scene due to its sheer size and history.

Prawn Dumpling by Foh San Dim Sum, Ipoh

BBQ Pork Bun by Foh San Dim Sum, Ipoh

Special Roll by Foh San Dim Sum, Ipoh

Dumpling by Foh San Dim Sum, Ipoh

I’ve visited them twice but I still can’t find what’s the big hoo haa about it. Sure, the portion is significant bigger so is the restaurant size. But some how, the taste does not strike the chord, mine at least.

Siew Mai by Foh San Dim Sum, Ipoh

Chee Cheong Fun by Foh San Dim Sum, Ipoh

Pork Ribs by Foh San Dim Sum, Ipoh

Siew Mai by Foh San Dim Sum, Ipoh

Egg Tarts by Foh San Dim Sum, Ipoh

On the recent visit, the prawn dumplings were off while the egg tarts… Let’s just say the ones at Nam Heong are way better than them. The Siew Mai was a-okay although it was slightly salty. The rest were just meh… The only commendable ones that worth going for were the BBQ pork bun and Chee Cheong Fun.

Foh San Dim Sum by Foh San Dim Sum, Ipoh

So… is it just one off or me… or have their quality deteriorated?

Address :
51, Jalan Leong Sin Nam,
30300 Ipoh,
Perak Darul Ridzuan,

GPS Coordinates : 4.59691, 101.086133

Telephone Number : +605 254 0308


  1. Ahhhh!!! The celebrated dim sum place. Hope to go there and try someday. Looks really good…but people always say it’s overrated, too crowded…might as well go elsewhere.

  2. Only been once before they move to this new building. So crowded.
    No doubt the dim sum is quite good. Not sure if it taste the same now….

  3. i’m not passionate about dim sum, but good ones always make me happy! so where’s the most ideal outlet for dim sum in ipoh now though?

  4. I remember them at their old place and it was good. Again that is more than 10 years back.

    We have been to Ipoh quite often the last 3 months but sadly, its always on days they are closed:(

  5. missyblurkit : Wow! I’ve not tried them until recently. But then again, maybe it’s just me that’s figuring out their quality issues. I think they have certain day for breaks but not sure when though.

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