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Since we did not join the long queue at the hotel’s cafe, we decided to drive out to hunt for our own breakfast. Suggestions were thrown around while websites were scourged through in search for some delicious food. Initially, we thought of going for some good ol’ soft boiled eggs and toast but on second thought, we went for something a lil heavier option and hence, we arrived at this coffee shop; Nasi Lemak & Minuman Ah Ho.

Nasi Lemak & Minuman Ah Ho, Melaka

The name of the coffee shop says it all as there is only one stall manned by a couple selling the well loved national dish. And despite that, as we sat outside, we witnessed waves of customers dropped by to get their fix either by eat in or takeaway.

Dishes at Nasi Lemak & Minuman Ah Ho, Melaka

There are a variety of dishes displayed at the tiny extended stall. Ranging from fried grubs to curry, seafood to poultry, customers are free to pick them according to fulfill their appetite.

Dishes at Nasi Lemak & Minuman Ah Ho, Melaka

Since it was first meal of the day, we went all out and picked a couple of dishes to be shared. While fried chicken with crispy skin and juicy, tender meat was a sure order, the rest were new to me. I was attracted by the appearance of the curry chicken which looked appetizing but tasted quite alright with its heavily infused turmeric spice which pretty explains the yellow colour dish.


The cockles were cooked nicely with slight tinge of spiciness while the squid was a lil too salty for me. The fried fishcake was pretty run of the mill so was the sambal which was slightly diluted. But above all them, it was the fluffy, fragrant rice that took the throne.

Dishes at Nasi Lemak & Minuman Ah Ho, Melaka

At the end of the meal, we were stuffed to the brim. The price was quite alright as we paid RM20.40 including two plates of rice and two drinks. I wouldn’t mind going back again and it would be awesome if they have luncheon meat.

Address :
11m, Jalan Gajah Berang,
Kampung Enam,
75200 Melaka.

GPS Coordinates : 2.209973, 102.242503

bookmark_borderIn Malacca – Hatten Hotel

Strategically located in the heart of city centre and touristy spots, Hatten Hotel is one of the new hotels in Malacca. Housing to more than 500 rooms, it is located beside of Mahkota Parade shopping centre and opposite of Dataran Pahlawan shopping centre. And judging by the amount of tourists I saw on the day of my check-in, Hatten Hotel is probably one of the favourite hotels amongst tourists.

Hatten Hotel, Malacca

Price wise, it is not the cheapest of them lot. But perhaps if we look at its location and facilities provided as well as its pristine condition (since it is still fairly new), it is safe to say that you get what you pay for.

Living Room, Hatten Hotel Malacca

In The Room, Hatten Hotel Malacca

The room (Deluxe Suite) I had is pretty big and spacious. Upon entering the fully carpeted room, there lies a mini living room with sofa and LCD TV decked out opposite of one another. As usually, there’s a mini bar with concealed mini refrigerator in the lower cupboard. Coffee, teas and complementary bottled waters are provided for hotel guests usage.

King Size Bed, Hatten Hotel Malacca

Entering further is the main bedroom. On one side is the fairly comfortable king size bed with neatly arranged, adequately soft pillows waiting to be slumbered on while the other side is yet another LCD TV with working/dressing table.

Working desk in the room, Hatten Hotel Malacca

There’s no WiFi in my room (although it’s available at common area such as the hotel lobby) but there is a LAN port… without the cable. There are quite a number of power adapter at the working table which is a plus point for gadget junkies. Other usual amenities such as safety box, ironing board and hangers are readily available (and hidden) inside tall wardrobe.

Bathroom, Hatten Hotel Malacca

Going with the whole contemporary theme, the bathroom certainly lived up with the theme. Although the space is kinda limited (and hence, there’s no bathtub), it is able to accommodate fairly large basin and a standing shower room with big shower head and rainfall shower head. Like any other hotels, toiletries such as shower gel, shampoo, soap, body lotion and etc are provided.

Hatten Hotel Malacca

With all the nice things being said about this hotel, now comes my pet peeves… albeit a few but still worth mentioning.

Hatten Hotel Lobby, Malacca

1) The check-in was a painful slow process. Sure, it states that guests are able to check-in at 3PM. But based on what I had experienced on that day, despite registering at 1230PM, not only I was not able to get my room early, I was told that my room will only be ready around 4PM despite checking-in early around 1230PM. Only after constant pressing at the counter only I was given a green light at 330PM. I have read about check-in problems from other hotel review sites but I was hoping that this was a part of history after being in service for more than a year. But I was wrong. I am not sure what’s behind this chaotic mess, but I do hope they have a plan to overcome this issue as soon as possible. Despite the photo above doesn’t do any justice, but there were plenty of registered guests in the lobby waiting for their rooms to be ready.

Queue at Hatten Hotel Cafe, Malacca

2) The price I paid for the room includes breakfast… but as clearly shown in photo above, I didn’t get the chance to savour it. It was only 9AM and there were more than 10 people waiting in the queue. Perhaps, I should be there before 7AM or so to beat the crowd. Or perhaps, the hotel should have been well prepared for such situation by having a bigger cafe for breakfast venue.

3) The elevator system is somewhat slow. Probably due to the vast number of rooms per floors, it took quite a while for me to get down to the lobby or up to my room at 14th floor. Somehow, the whole algorithm doesn’t work quite smoothly although there are more than 6 elevators servicing for hotel rooms above.

Address :
Hatten Hotel Melaka
Hatten Square,
Jalan Merdeka,
Bandar Hilir,
75000 Melaka.

Telephone Number : +606 286 9696

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