.. is one of staple foods in Indonesia. You can literally find it anywhere on the streets, coffee shops, restaurants, food courts and shopping malls. It is simple yet hearty meal which consists of meatballs (usually made of minced beef) and noodles in a bowl of clear broth.


Though I couldn’t say I’ve tasted the best, but the one above was pretty good. It has four huge beef balls (larger than golf balls) on top of the noodles. The meatball was full of flavour with right amount of texture to it. This bowl of bakso was expensive (compared to the ones at hawker stalls) but that was because I had it in the airport. But it was alright judging by the portion of meatballs it has and location.

And this is the only photo I took throughout my 3D2N company trip in Batam.


  1. ya , you’re making us all curious why only one photo, heheh :) on the bright side, i guess we should be thankful that it’s a food photo :D

  2. Choi Yen : Didn’t really bother to take photos during the trip. Hehe.

    Sean : Didn’t venture out as we spent more time at massage parlour than hunting for food. Hehe.

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