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Raffles City Shopping Centre, is strategically located along North Bridge Road. Its silver exterior with Raffles Tower rises behind the shopping complex is hard to miss when you are around that area. I’ve been there like 8 times in my previous visit (business trip) to Singapore. I’m not sure why but I always ended up in there. I guess it is quite convenient since it is walking distant from other shopping malls such Suntec City, The Adelphi, Peninsula Plaza and Funan DigitaLife Mall.

Raffles City

Inside, there are plenty of branded boutiques, Marks & Spencer, Robinsons as well as eateries outlets/restaurants. One particular restaurant that I always wanted to get my hands on is Aerin’s. I’m not sure where is the restaurant’s exact location but I’m sure that it is situated somewhere inside the shopping centre. I could easily get lost in there due to the complexity of the building structure.

Since it was my last night of my business trip, I was eager to meet up with my friend, Joyce, who works in Singapore. And the only place that is suitable for both of us to meet up for dinner was at Raffles City Shopping Centre since it is reachable by walking and/or MRT.



From outside (of the restaurant), it looks posh with mini fountain within the vicinity. There is mini candle placed on each table to create a warm surrounding. As I said, there is a mini fountain in the middle of the restaurant.

Caesar Salad

Anyway, to cut things short, we ordered Caesar Salad as appetizer. It wasn’t ordinary salad like what you get from typical western restaurant. In it, there are smoked salmon, (either beef or pork) bacon, capers, a slice of lemon and lettuce (duh!!). As salad dressing, they have their homemade Caesar dressing. It was good and fresh but I find the dressing rather too creamy. It is alright if you share the dish with others like we did.

Aerin's Tagliatelle

For main course, I ordered Aerin’s Tagliatelle. It is like the-ever-famous carbonara but with extra fillings in it. Fillings such as smoked salmon (again!!), roe and mushrooms. Sadly, they failed to add bacons in it!! Sauce was not toooooooooo creamy, smoked salmon was fresh and lots of sliced mushroom. It was cooked to prefection. I love it but then again, having ‘creamy’ Caesar Salad as appetizer and another cream-based dish as main course makes me feel a lil jelak (in Malay).

Fillet of Snapper

As for my friend, she ordered Fillet of Snapper. They managed to not overcooked yet leaving the flesh silky smooth. Originally, it came with french beans and mashed potatoes but my friend only wanted french beans due to her diet (hint : wedding *me faints*). I don’t really like to eat fish except for a few and this will definitely be in my list of fishes I will consume. It is that good.

Tiramisu in Glass

No meals should end without desserts. Hence, I grabbed the menu again and targeted Tiramisu in Glass. Joyce, as usual, opted for tea, Jubilation, rather than sinful dessert like Warm Chocolate Pudding. Tiramisu in Glass, being the usual, but with a shot of espresso between layers of cream. Nothing special yet nothing bad about it.


Jubilation, a tea, is a combination of several tea leaves. Not too strong yet not too vague taste. All in all, it was a good dinner. Good food. Good environment and cozy place. The cost of this dinner was claimable negligible as I managed to meet up old friend of mine and most importantly, talked crap for the entire evening.

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