bookmark_borderA (Boring) Trip To Berjaya Hills

Last weekend, my friend and I went to Berjaya Hills a.k.a. Bukit Tinggi for sightseeing-cum-photography trip. It takes approximately an hour drive from KL. Due to winding roads as well as slow vehicles (heading up there, it took awhile to reach up there ).

However, before we could reach up there, we were greeted by a booth (something like a tol booth) to pay the entrance fees. It costs RM16 for an adult while RM8 (I think) for a child. Exhorbitant, definitely!!


Our first (second actually if you consider the tol as first) stop was Botanical Garden. Lucky for us, the garden is situated right beside the Japanese Village. Therefore, it saved us from driving to another location. We went to the Botanical Garden hoping to get see some beautiful plants/flowers/scenery in there. But this is not the case. We were greated with trees, trees and more trees. Needless to say, there are 90% of various types of trees and only 10% of flowers in there. There are a few beautiful flowers that worth capturing (take photograph of it la, not physically pluck it).


We went to the Observation deck inside of Botanical Garden in hope of taking some scenery photos but it didn’t really turn out to be like that after all. It is more of trees blocking the view of the hills. Total turn off. We had to climb back up (in this case, we climbed the stairs) to the entrance to go to Japanese Village. It takes quite a effort for horizontal-challenge people (fat people) like me. But it is all good exercise.


There are Japanese houses (doh!!) inside Japanese Village. And not to forget, Japanese Kois too which could be found in the pond. There aren’t much things to see in there except you could take photos of yourself dressed up in kimono. We didn’t go in deeper because there was shooting event going on. We had to stop short midway.


After those two locations, we left (with disappointment) to Colmar Tropicale. We really hoped that there is something we could enjoy over there. The place is approximately 10 mins drive from the Botanic Garden. From far, you could see French-theme buildings. These buildings were almost similar to Colmar Village in France. Inspired by them, as they said and so, they called it Colmar Tropicale. However, luck was not on our side as when we reach there, the clouds were starting to be dark. As usual, it rains every afternoon of everyday. We walked around in there and took a few photos of these ‘insipred’ building. Nothing special about it, to my thoughts. There were events in there (team building events organized by companies) so it is a lil bit crowded.

Colmar Tropicale

We decided to leave and never looked back at around 12.30pm. True enough, it started to drizzle when we left the ‘inspired’ French-theme village.

More photos in my flickr.

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