bookmark_borderHigh BP

Yesterday, in the clinic;

Doctor : “Your BP (blood pressure) is high.”

Me : “How high?”

Doctor : “At the limit for your age. Did you sleep yesterday night?”

Me : “Not really. Woke up 4 times. And woke up early this morning.”

Doctor : “Ok. Take these and take some rest. Need MC?”

Me : “Yeah.”


At home;

*Take 6 pills*

*Switch off mobile phone*

*Switch off computer*

*Crawl to the bed*


bookmark_borderGlad Yet Pissed

Glad because they might extend my contract for another 6 months, which means I don’t have to look for job yet.

Pissed because of the way it is handled. And best of all, she wouldn’t admit that it is her mistake for not telling me first before agreeing.

I’m pretty sure my blood pressure increases tremendously right now which in turn contributes to my stress…

So, what do you do to release anger? I need some tips which do not create much commotion..

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