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That’s right. I used to have it a couple of months back and I’m having it again now.

The pros of having this hairstyle:

  • You get to save shampoo and hair gel money
  • Cheap because you can DIY or go to barber
  • You will get unwanted attention (for the right or wrong reasons)
  • Bathing time reduce by 40%
  • Cooling factor
  • No one knows whether you just woke up from your sleep by looking at your hair
  • You probably win almost all the challenges if you dare someone to go botak with you

The con:

  • Yo:u have to maintain your hair every two weeks or so


How’s your Christmas day? Where did you go? What did you do? And most important thing, did you enjoy yourself?

As for myself, I had a boring Christmas but I had a pretty fun Christmas Eve because I ‘spammed’ (in other words, took) 400++ pics with my DSLR camera during my uncle’s party. 400+ pics under 3 hours is a new record for me, at the very least. To top my boring day, I went for a haircut.. ‘Botak’ style. IT’s been decades since my last ‘Botak’ style.My family (including my aunt and grandma) got shocked and laughed off at the same time when I told them the idea. So, I got to prove it..

Anyway, my post is about the picture below..


Looks familiar? DSLR camera users should know what it is. Yeap, you got it right.. It is my cup coaster in the office. Say tata to traditional coaster (paper/cd/tiles) :P

p.s.: It is UV Filter for camera lens

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