bookmark_borderHit And Fled (Updated)

One fucking bastard hit my car and fled without leaving anything but a front bumper damage. Fucking hell! Fuck fuck fuck…

Update :

Front Bumper Damage

After a closer inspection (with a better mood), the damage is not as bad as when I first saw it (yesterday night). It is out of place, a couple of scratches and paint chip-offs. The headlights are still in one piece but the fog lamp cosmetic is about to fall off. From what I see, hopefully, it should cost me a couple of hundreds to get back in shape, without having to change the whole thing (bumper) as Hyundai is notoriously known for having one of the most expensive car parts for an Asian car maker. But this is just an initial guess as I’ve to wait for the mechanics to verify the actual damage; outside and behind the bumper.

Here’s what I think how it happened :

Some pea brain driver, who had a temporary nerve disconnection with ridiculous judgement ability, trying to show his/her incompetent parking skills by turning his/her car into a tight corner at a go. However, the pea brain of his/her wasn’t fast enough or smart enough to avoid and the car went straight for my bumper.

Just a thought as the actual fact that I’m still pissed at his/her cowardness of fleeing without leaving any contact number or apologizing.

bookmark_borderParking Area

I’m sure you guys/girls know where the heck Starhill Gallery is. If you don’t know, it is situated along Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur and it is right opposite of the new shopping complex, Pavilion. The building from the outside as well as inside is well decorated to make looked posh and all. Most of the tenants in the shopping complex consist of international brands such as Gucci, Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo, Porsche Design, Louis Vuitton etc. Anyway, I’m not here to describe about their brands and all. My main point of this post is to complain about their parking area.

From my point of view, their parking area is one of the worst parking areas I’ve been to so far. This is due to the fact that their parking area is not well lit and the parking lots are pretty tightly spaced. Besides, what I hate the most about Starhill’s parking are is the lanes going up and down from one level to another. It is so bloody narrow that a fat ass car could barely turn into the slopes. There are dozens of scars along the walls as prove that it is difficult to maneuver your fat (long) ass car around their parking lots. It takes a lot of effort and skills just to bring your car out of the parking lot without any scratches.

So, this makes me wonder why their parking lot is in such a bad condition. I mean, they have the moolah to make their shopping complex looks posh (which it is to cater rich bastards) but they don’t have the extra cash to make their parking lots to be the same ‘plane’ as the looks of the shopping complex.

They could at least upgrade their parking lots to look more decent compare to the state it is right now. If I weren’t known that is their parking area, I would assume it is some abandoned building being occupied for profit-making business.

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