bookmark_borderPenang Trip – Day 4

It was our last day in Penang… unfortunately. There were many (food) places we have yet to explore but time wasn’t on our side as it was the end of the weekend and we had to get back to the grind the following day. Just like the previous day, we woke up late again since we only had to check out of the hotel by 12PM.

New World Park Food Court

It was close to 1130AM when we checked out and left the hotel. At first, we weren’t sure where to head to for breakfast as we had tried almost everything what we wanted to try in the list. Either that or we were to lazy to drive out far for our brunch. The closest place to our hotel was this place; New World Park Food Court.

New World Park Food Court

Imagine this place as a shaded food court whereby there are plenty of food stalls selling a variety of hawker food. Most importantly, it is a clean place with cool breeze flowing through the food court. Besides, there are parking lots available for patrons.

There were ample of empty tables and chairs when we arrived. Perhaps, it was still early for lunch crowd to kick in. Nevertheless, it gave us freedom to choose where to sit. We selected the one closer to the food stall for no apparent reason. This time, it was me who did the ordering for the first round while my friend waited for the food to arrive.

Assam Laksa

I knew something was not right when I looked at the stall with bowls stacking up on one another while I was placing my order at an Assam Laksa stall. To my horror, upon ordering, the lady handling the stall took a bowl of ready-cooked noodles and poured the soup into it. That pretty much made me speechless as I knew from that moment that bowl of Assam Laksa won’t be good. And my friend agreed as well. It was lacked of characteristic as it didn’t taste like a bowl of Assam Laksa. As you can see, the broth was rather diluted with little toppings on it. Oh… there’s a big fishball in it. What the heck?! For RM4, it’s not worth paying.

Hokkien Mee (Prawn Mee)

The hokkien mee appeared average. There’s nothing to shout about although we hoped that they are generous with their topping (sliced pork and prawns). But it was way better than that bowl of so-called Assam Laksa although it wasn’t fair to compare them both since they are different.

Char Koay Teow

There’s something about char koay teow with duck egg. They definitely complement one another really well as the inclusion of duck egg adds flavour to the dish. Every time, without a second thought, we opted for duck egg to go along with the char koay teow. This plate though tasted alright. There were ample amount of prawns and cockles in it. Best of all, it came with ‘lap cheong’ but it didn’t really contribute much to the dish.

Chee Cheong Fun

My friend ordered chee cheong fun (RM2) and or koay (RM2) from the same stall. The chee cheong fun was alright; springy firm texture but the sauce was generic one unlike the one we had from Genting Café.

Or Koay (Yam Cake)

Or koay is essentially a common Chinese snack called yam cake which is made out of mixture of rice flour, tapioca flour and diced yams. The mixture is then steamed and served with dried shrimps, spring onions and fried shallots. Or koay usually goes well with chilli sauce and sweet brown sauce. This version was pretty good as there were cubes on yam in it while the batter has a firm texture. It costs RM2 per piece. I guess I know why the stall serve both of them since they came with the same type of sauce.

Ice Kacang with Ice Cream


To wash it down, I opted for ice kacang with a scoop of ice cream while my friend went for chendol. There’s nothing to shout about for both of them although there were load of corns, grass jelly, peanuts, banana and red beans on my ice kacang. The chendol tasted normal although they could do more with palm sugar. Both of them cost around RM2 to RM3 per bowl.

Although the food was just alright, we were pretty stuffed by then. We walked around New World Park for awhile before grabbing a cuppa at Starbucks. By 130PM, we decided that we should make a move and head back to KL… with heavy heart.

bookmark_borderPenang Trip – Day 2 (Part 2)

Satisfied with what we had, we left the place to do a little bit of sightseeing. The destination; Kek Lok Si Temple. It was yet another 20 minutes drive from the place where we left. Situated at the hills of Air Itam, this iconic temple (also known as Temple of Supreme Bliss) is one of the tourist hot spots in Penang.

Kek Lok Si Temple

The weather wasn’t kind to us as it was overcast as though it was about to rain. There were crowds around the main area but it was not to the point of congested human traffic. Lazy as we were, we didn’t manage to go to the hilltop but we did manage to climb up the pagoda to have an overview of Air Itam area.


We spent about 45 minutes walking around, taking photos that interest us whilst trying to digest our sinful meal earlier. It was close to 1PM when we realised that we had enough of walking sightseeing and we decided to head back to George Town to do our check-in into our hotel.

But before that, off we went to hunt for our lunch although we barely had our meal 2 hours ago. Yes, we are gluttons. Hehe. Initially, since it was just 5 minutes drive away from Kek Lok Si Temple, we wanted to try out Penang Assam Laksa at Ayer Itam. However, due to lack of parking spaces as well as massive crowd, we decided to discard the plan and head back to George Town instead.

This decision brought us to a place called Lam Ah Coffee Shop. It is located at the intersection of Lebuh Chulia and Lebuh Pantai (Beach Street) and opposite of the ‘balai bomba’ (fire station). We reached about noon time, the traffic was a mess and to find a parking spot was a nightmare. If possible, park whenever you found one regardless of the distance to the coffee shop as it is really limited and the streets are busy (with cars and lorries and motorcycles). Opens from 11AM to 4PM daily (except for Sundays and public holidays), it is said that the stall in it serves one of the best koay teow soup in Penang.

Beef Noodles

This bowl of beefy noodles set us back about RM8.00. Pricey I would say but it was worth it. Bouncy beef balls, thinly sliced beef, tendons, tripe and what it seemed to be tenderloins were given.

Beef Noodles

The soup was not murky / brownish as it was slightly clearer than usual. Nevertheless, it was hearty and nice, packed with beefy goodness. With the presence of fried garlic-onion oil, it enhanced the already flavourful broth further. Each slurps warrants for another till the bowl is empty.

Fried Oysters (Or Chien)

Other than that, we ordered Or Chien (Fried Oysters). The frying / cooking method was unlike any other. Instead of mixing / frying the ingredients together, the cook did them separately. First, he fries the starch with mixture of eggs on one side of the pan till it is crispy golden brown. After that is done, then only he does a quick fry for the fresh oysters with his special mixed of sauce and spices.

Or Chien (Fried Oysters)

Such cooking method results in dry crispy crackling batter with juicy flavourful oysters on top of it. Although the oysters looked small in size, they were certainly tasty. Overall, the combination was top notch and it has won our votes to be the best Or Chien we had in Penang. This small portion costs us RM5.00 and after having it, we regretted that we didn’t order a bigger portion.

We arrived at the hotel around 230PM. But unfortunately, we were told that our room was not ready and that we had to wait for an hour or so. Not wanting to sit in the lobby for that long, we left our bags at the counter and headed out to have some dessert / snack.

Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendol

Little did we know that this place; Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul was pretty close to the hotel where we stayed. It is situated at Lebuh Keng Kwee (off Penang Road). Hence, we didn’t drive. Instead, we walked there and it took us about less than 10 minutes to arrive at the scene.


Although it was packed with customers standing around the stall ordering their share, the staffs were efficient and quick. We had our orders done within minutes. You have the option to stand at the roadside or to dine at the coffee shop beside the stall. We opted for the former since we were there for the chendol only.


Priced at RM1.80 per bowl, it has all the necessary ingredients in it; ice shavings, red beans, coconut milk, palm sugar and green noodle-like jelly. It was not overly sweet yet the richness of the palm sugar was subtle enough that it did not overpower the overall flavour of the chendol. It was good that we finished ours in a jiff. Besides, we were in hurry because the clouds were about to burst into a heavy downpour.

Although they said we had to wait for an hour, luck was on our side as the room was ready when we were back in the hotel. God knows what I’ll do if the room wasn’t ready by then. We rested and rested well till at night before we hit the streets again. Afterall, it was raining heavily and there was nothing much we can do except for lazing on the bed watching the idiot box and take a nap.

Address :

Lam Ah Coffee Shop
Lebuh Chulia
GPS Coordinates: N5 24.925 E100 20.365

Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul
21, Keng Kwee Street,
Off Penang Road,
10000 Penang.

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