bookmark_borderParkroyal Hotel

During CommunicAsia 2008 event, Parkroyal Hotel on Beach Road became my (so-called official) accommodation. Little did I know, our company’s HQ in Singapore is located a few blocks away from our hotel.

Parkroyal Hotel

Upon arrival (to Singapore), we checked in immediately to avoid cancellation. We (my colleague and I) were given Deluxe room each.

Deluxe Room

For Deluxe room, there is either twin bed or a king size bed. Unfortunately, I was given a twin bed room due to full bookings. Nevertheless, I’m alright with it as I’m used to sleeping on a single bed. The room is quite spacious as there is a long bench for people to sit while having conversation or having a cuppa coffee. At times, it was quite spooky.

Working desk

Besides, there is a working desk with broadband internet access (have to pay for subscription though) for business personnel to do their stuff. However, I did not bring my laptop along. How pathetic was that?!! Being laptop-less as well as internet-less for 3 days 3 nights was bloody suffering.

Broadband internet

Like any other major hotels, there is coffee/tea making facilities in the room but I didn’t bother to use that though. I could get my cuppa during breakfast or outside. Afterall, the water in the room ain’t that crystal clear.


A 32-inch (I think) LCD TV, Sharp Aquos, with cable channels installed in front of both beds for viewing pleasure.


Looks comfy, eh? Afterall, it costs SGD$310.00 per night. *My credit card still bleeding while waiting for claims*

bookmark_borderCommunicAsia 2008

Last week, I was at Singapore for CommunicAsia 2008. I was there for 4 days (officially) with addition of 2 days (weekends) on my own.

CommunicAsia 2008

It was a big event whereby countries like Italy, Germany, France, United Kingdom and etc. participated and showcased their technologies. It is something similar like SMIDEX 2008 but multiply that with 10x. Practically, it was bigger and better and was held in Singapore Expo.

Singapore Expo

Companies such as Huawei, ZTE, LG, Samsung, Ericsson, Canon, Sony and many more were there for this major event.


Samsung was there to showcase their new phone, Samsung Omnia, while LG, which situated right across Samsung booth, was promoting their Black Label series. I managed to play with the Samsung Omnia and I was quite impressed with it. Apart of slight laggy-ness, Samsung Omnia will definitely be strong competitor for Apple iPhone 3G.

Samsung Mobile

LG Mobile

Having said about promoting and showcasing, there were no sales involved throughout the event. It was more about discussions between traders.


Besides, we took the effort to visit BT booth too. They were showcasing their latest product, BT Mosaic, which is quite impressive system for broadcasting industry. Yes. You heard it right. BT is into broadcasting too. According to the exhibitors, ASTRO were impressed too.


All in all, it was great event but we were slightly disappointed. As our purpose to attend this event is to scout for new innovative products, we (my colleagues and I) were hoping for more software-based rather than hardware-based products. However, we found out that 70% of the products are hardware solutions while the rest doesn’t really relate to what we are looking out for.

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