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It was one of those night in Langkawi when we were searching for dinner. Initially, we wanted to head out to Wonderland Food Store, as according to rave reviews, it was good (and affordable) for its seafood dishes but only to find out that it was closed (for renovation, I guess). What a bummer! Disappointed and without having a plan B, we frantically searched, with the power of El Goog, what were other available options around Kuah since we were kinda reluctant to drive back to the touristy spot of Pantai Cenang for a mediocre meal with inflated price tag – although the beers were cheap.

Lgk Yummy Yummy Seafood

And that’s how we found this friendly no-frills joint. Located along the river bank and same roll with Wonderland Food Store, this small restaurant is one of many other food joints around the area that serves seafood as well as other simple dishes.

Lgk Yummy Yummy Seafood

With a small dining area, the business was a brisk when we were there at that time. With a couple of large round tables, they could easily cater around 70 – 80 pax at a go.


For those who don’t know what to order, there is a menu for your reference. You can ask for it. But then again, you don’t really need the menu if you visit dai chow stalls frequently. I guess they have probably standardised most of the items in the menu within the dai chow community. Heck, the friendly waiter will recommend you dishes based on the type of meat / vegetables you want. Heh!

Butter Prawns
Butter Prawns (RM18)

Although the egg-butter yellow floss was not as flavourful as I expect it would be, they cooked the average-sized prawns perfectly; fresh and succulent.

Claypot Taufu
Claypot Taufu (RM10)

There was abundance of cauliflowers, baby corns, chicken chunks, sliced fish cakes, Chinese cabbage, prawns mushrooms and not forgetting, taufu in it. But sadly, the broth / sauce was rather tasteless / lack of seasoning. It’s safe to say that it was the healthiest dish we had on that night.

Sambal Kangkung
Sambal Kangkung (RM10)

It is one of those vege dishes that can’t go wrong. What surprised me was the inclusion of prawns in it. Although I would like it to be a lil spicier, the dish was a lil salty, probably due to the usage of tiny dried shrimps in it. That said, the kangkung (also known as water spinach) was not overcooked; retaining its freshness and crunch.

Deep Fried Squids with Salted Egg Yolk
Deep-Fried Squids With Salted Egg Yolk (RM12)

An artery clogging, high cholesterol inducing plate of goodness, this dish was my favourite one of them all. It was delicious as each and every piece of the deep-fried squids was coated evenly by salted egg yolk while the light batter was slight crisp and the squids were not chewy at all.

Lgk Yummy Yummy Seafood

Overall, it was a decent meal. The price came up to RM56 including drinks which I think it’s pretty good deal judging by the food they served and the location too. The service might be a little slow during peak hours but I have no complaints about it since they had only two (or three) cooks at that time.

P.S.: Now… The location can be a little tricky. Although the address (on the bill) stated as Jalan Kelana Mas – and I’ve googled it but can’t located it, but my GPS pointed that it’s along Persiaran Mutiara 2 (inner road / lane of Jalan Padang Matsirat). So, the safest bet is to find Persiaran Mutiara 2 and you’re on the correct road.

206 & 207, Jalan Kelana Mas,
Persiaran Mutiara 2,
07000 Kuah,

Telephone Number : +6012-5637093 / +6017-4251150

Opening Hours : 5PM – 12AM

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