bookmark_borderPork Feast At Elcerdo, Changkat Bukit Bintang

A couple days before CNY, a bunch of meat gluttons friends and I had dinner at Elcerdo. To be honest, I haven’t heard of this restaurant before. But I do know the fact that there are lots of restaurants located at Changkat Bukit Bintang. Anyway, it is said to be a Spanish restaurant which offers pork (yeah baby!!) dishes. On that day itself, before the dinner, we reminded each other, via sms, gtalk and IM, that it was ‘Pork Day’. LOL.

El Cerdo

It was a day to forget about cholesterol. It was also the very same day that everyone in the group smiled widely because of the meal, pork to be exact, they were looking forward to. And so, I shall let the pictures do the talk (or writing). Here are some of the dishes we had during that day…


Free Soup



Fried Goat Cheese

Pan Fried Goat Cheese with Jamon Serrano

Pork Knuckles

Pork Knuckles

Lamb Rack

Lamb Rack (Half Portion)



Suckling Pig

Roasted Suckling Pig

The main topic of the day was the suckling pig. Somehow, I felt that it was rather tasty compare to what the Chinese restaurants have to offer. The skin was flavourful and the meat was tender yet didn’t have any foul smell. Besides, upon cutting the pig with a plate, which is part of their custom, they will provide a big wooden pail for you to throw (the plate) into for good luck (or whatever you wish for). So, don’t be surprise if you hear plenty of plates pecah-ing (breaking) during your visit there.

Strawberry Dessert

Chocolate Dessert

Overall, I like this place. The food was good so as the service. The desserts were awesome for a place which is famous for pork dishes. The ambience was rather warm and homey feel but it could get a lil noisy if there are alot of people (especially during dinner). Though the price is a lil on the high side, I wouldn’t mind going back again if there is another small gathering. Afterall, one would be nuts to say no to pork.

Click here for the location map and restaurant details.

p.s.: It is recommended to make seat reservations.

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