bookmark_border25 Random Stuff

In Facebook, I got tagged by a friend and I’ve to crap write up 25 random things. This is what I wrote…

1. I don’t know why I’m doing this but what the heck…

2. I miss Vodka Red Bull.

3. I’m not Manchester United supporter. I just watch football. But I support the team I’m using in Football Manager. :)

4. I get bored easily.

5. Nothing beats a session of drink and/or dine with friends.

6. I’m running out of idea on what to write on the next 19 points.

7. Once in a while, I have sudden craving for Japanese food, Italian food and Carl’s Jr.

8. I don’t club anymore.

9. I want holidays!! Beaches, mountains, forest and etc…

10. I don’t talk much. But I listen though that’s if you wanna tell.

11. I can’t smile 24/7 so don’t assume I’m in a bad mood. Even if I smile/cheerful, I might be in bad mood.

12. I have more headaches than any other sickness in my life.

13. Photography is my part time hobby. No, wait. Photography is my quarter time hobby.

14. I’m free most of the time. Just that you caught me at wrong timing as I do advance booking. LOL.

15. I can be spontaneous at times. Don’t be surprised that I might call u out for a drink out of a blue.

16. I envy sometimes. That’s because I don’t have good things (in every aspects) in one’s life.

17. I just bought something that I grown fond of. One might know what it is while the rest don’t know.

18. I think a lot. I mean A LOT. I think of all possibilities. I doubt my brain will rest even when I sleep. Just that I don’t express them all.

19. Most of the time, I go along with my friends and family even though I hate to do what they like to do.

20. I’m bored of local political scenes. But I wonder when will they be like Taiwanese government where they punch and kick in parliament house.

21. I got shoulder, ankle and back injuries. And I’m getting older which is not a good sign.

22. I’m half-cup full in most of the things I know. But most of them are quarter-cup actually.

23. I’m more of practical person. So, don’t shove reading materials to me please.

24. Referring to no. 18, I can get into emo state sometimes.

25. I don’t feel like tagging anyone. You lucky arses…

bookmark_borderQuit Friendster

I hereby announce that I officially closed my Friendster account.


After using it for a decade (or more), I finally called it a day and decided to close my account. One (strong) reason behind this closure is that my friends received kinky messages from me which I did not send those in the first place (thanks to Cheryl for notifying me). Besides, Friendster is getting messier and I seldom check my account lately. So, there is no point for me maintaining the account and receive notification from them any further.

So, use Facebook-lah

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