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This post is about fishball noodles. Yes, that’s right. The unassumingly simple yet comforting bowl of noodles with flavourful fish broth and simple ingredients has its fair share of fan base. While some might not like it due its clear / “fishy” taste, others love it due its simple, light characteristic.

Fishball Noodles

However, despite its simplicity, not many stalls that I know of can execute a good bowl of fishball noodles properly. As they say, the simplest form of food is probably the hardest to produce. The broth (soup) and the fishballs are the core parts that can either make or break a good bowl of fishballs noodles.

Fishball Noodles

But lucky for me, there is one stall nearby my housing area that serve a pretty good bowl of noodles for a reasonable price (RM4.50 for small portion). Despite it being my least favourite when it comes to noodles, I like it somehow due to the clear yet flavourful broth and its fresh firm bouncy fishballs.


Apart from the noodles, they serve really good fishcakes (RM6) too. And the fact that they only fry the fishcake upon receiving customer’s orders makes it pipping hot when it arrives to the table. With the same feel / texture and golden crisp skin on the outside, it’s a delight to eat it on its own… without any sauce.

Fishball Noodles

So… do you like fishball noodles?

Address :
Jalan Lazat 1,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.

GPS Coordinates : 3.077331, 101.680816

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