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Touted as the first fully covered park in Asia, the Langkawi Bird Paradise Wildlife Park is situated at the foot of Gunung Raya – approximately 15 minutes drive from Kuah Town.

Langkawi Bird Paradise Wildlife Park

This 5.5 acre park houses various types of birds; from the rarest to the most beautiful ones in the world – so they say. Parrots, Flamingos, Hormbills, peacocks and etc, they are all available in the covered park itself.

White Parrot

The entrance fee for an adult is RM 12 (if you show your MyKad) and RM6 for a child. Upon entering, you will first stumble upon various types of parrots. The colour ones, the white ones. They are on the woods posing minding their own business.



They can be noisy at times but they mean no harm unless you provoke them lah…


Then, there is a Hornbill which is ready to be handled (for photograph) by the visitor (with caretaker’s help, of course).


Further on, there is a small pond whereby white Flamingos doing their famous one legged pose.



Apart of birds, there are other wildlife animals in there. Monkeys, crocodiles and snakes to name a few. Don’t worry about safety.


They are not free to roam around as they are all caged up to their respective places.



Then, there’s Aviary Area. That is where more than 1,000 bird species are free to fly around the area / park.

Aviary Area

Aviary Area


Divided by sections, it is definitely for bird watchers and nature lovers.


Besides, in the Aviary Area, there is a 15 meter man-made waterfall whereby one can enjoy the nature.


In the pond, the likes of mandarin ducks and flamingos are swimming around carefree-ly, living in their own world.

Rock Crafting

There are other sections as well where ostriches and donkeys are kept. And at the final part of the stroll is where rock crafting (with Chinese words) are displayed. It is also the same area whereby eagles are kept.

Rock Crafting

To sum it all up, it is worth dropping by at Langkawi Bird Paradise Wildlife Park as it offers something different from any other parks.


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