bookmark_borderIn Ipoh – Restoran Xin Quan Fang 新泉芳咖哩面, Jalan Sultan Iskandar

Restoran Xin Quan Fang was my first stop of the day for breakfast during my recent trip to Penang. I wrote a couple posts back that I did not manage to try this out because it was sold out when I arrived at the scene at around 1245PM.

Restoran Xin Quan Fang 新泉芳咖哩面, Jalan Sultan Iskandar

However for this visit, my friend and I were there at around 1030AM to make sure we get our curry mee fix. The coffee shop was already packed at that time but thankfully, there was an empty table left which we swiftly occupied without hesitation even though it could fit a party of 6.

Restoran Xin Quan Fang 新泉芳咖哩面, Jalan Sultan Iskandar

We were told to get a table first and the staff will drop by to take our orders when they are ready/free. It took a while though but it was bearable as we were happily sipping our iced white coffee and poking our smartphones. Moreover, it was simple enough to know what to order since they only serve curry noodles. It took less than 1 minute to finalise our dishes.

Curry Mee by Restoran Xin Quan Fang 新泉芳咖哩面, Jalan Sultan Iskandar

I opted for curry mee while my fried went for dry curry mee. The portion of the noodles was just nice. Unlike the one I frequent to in Kuala Lumpur, this stall’s curry broth was light yet packed with aroma and taste. It was not spicy but it did tickle the tastebuds a little.

Meat Platter by Restoran Xin Quan Fang 新泉芳咖哩面, Jalan Sultan Iskandar

A separate serving of ‘meat platter’ (poached chicken, BBQ pork, roast pork, and prawns) was ordered for sharing. Beneath the meats were juicy, plump beansprouts.

Chili Dip by Restoran Xin Quan Fang 新泉芳咖哩面, Jalan Sultan Iskandar

Their special chili dip was somewhat amazing. The tangy-ness of homemade chili paste (akin to chicken rice’s chili sauce) soaked in aromatic curry broth may sound odd but it was executed brilliantly and went really well with the meat.

Meal at Restoran Xin Quan Fang 新泉芳咖哩面, Jalan Sultan Iskandar

The final bill came to about RM22 for two bowl of noodles and the meat platter. With this visit, now I know why some called them the best curry noodles in Ipoh. The best? Maybe not to me but they sure are amongst the good ones that I’ve tried.

Address :
174, Jalan Sultan Iskandar
30000 Ipoh,
Perak Darul Ridzuan,

GPS Coordinates : 4.593135, 101.08422

bookmark_borderIn Ipoh – Sun Seng Fatt (怡保新成发)

We wanted to try out one of the coffeeshops in Ipoh which is known for its curry noodles. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on our side as they were sold out early when we arrived at around 1245PM. So, we had to look for other option… and we ended up here at Sun Seng Fatt which also known for their curry noodles (I only got to know this when I’m writing this post after a quick Google search).

Sun Seng Fatt, Ipoh

Searching for parking was surprising a breeze so was getting a table on a midday-lunch weekend. A quick glance at the menu as well as what other customers are happily tucking to and you will get the idea that their main forte are noodles.

Menu board at Sun Seng Fatt Curry House, Ipoh

What’s surprising, for me at least, was how the orders were took and passed on to the kitchen via wireless devices. Pretty high tech for such coffee shop, eh… The coffee shop was rather clean and airy, probably due the open ends of a corner shop.

Fruit Juice by Sun Seng Fatt, Ipoh

The orders took a while to arrive while we got our fresh juices (RM2.10 per cup) first.

Ipoh Hor Fun by Sun Seng Fatt, Ipoh

I opted for Ipoh Hor Fun (RM5) as I wasn’t feeling really well (sore throat was imminent) while my friend went for their dry curry noodles. Despite the rather subtle looking compared to Loke Wooi Kee’s or Thean Chun’s version, the chicken broth was surprisingly quite tasty; savoury with subtle hints of prawn essence. The flat noodles, like any other stalls in Ipoh, were silky smooth with nice chew to it.

Dry Curry Noodles by Sun Seng Fatt, Ipoh

Initially, I didn’t really like the dry curry noodles (RM5) when I took my first mouthful. It’s probably due to the viscosity of broth. But then, it grew on me as the scant, spicy broth (or maybe I should refer it as gravy since it’s a mixture of soup and thick gravy) was rich and fragrant. It got addictive after the first spoon so much so that I was happily finishing it off.

All in all, the noodles were fine. Though there might be other places/stalls/coffee shops which able to triumph this place, but I wouldn’t mind coming back here again for its dry curry noodles and dumplings (I read that it’s pretty good too).

Address :
32, Jalan Market,
30000 Ipoh,
Perak Darul Ridzuan.

GPS Coordinates : 4.595628, 101.078761

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