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It was our first night when we passed by this restaurant as we were strolling along Ao Nang beach. Then, it was packed with customers that we were determined to make a visit the very next day or so. As they say, if a restaurant is packed with patrons, the food should be good. That’s what we thought.

Azzurra Authentic Italian Restaurant

Located along Ao Nang beach, it’s hard to miss this restaurant as it’s one of the better decorated restaurant – with table and chairs arranged in orderly manner. What’s more was that their environment was comfy with warm lightings donning in the restaurant.

Azzurra Authentic Italian Restaurant

We arrived rather early as we were at Ao Nang beach to witness the sun set. Since we were their first customer of their dinner service of that day, we got to pick our sit according to our liking and the waitress handed out their thick extensive menu.

Azzurra Menu

Their menu consisted of bruschettas, pizza and pasta. But there were other dishes as well such as steaks, salads and seafoods. Having tough time deciding what to eat, we looked at their menu before opting for something simple.

Coconut Shake

Iced Tea with Lime

Priced at 100 Baht per drink, they – Young Coconut Shake and Fresh Lime Iced Tea – were refreshingly good for warm weather.

Ravioli con Panna e Proscuitto

We were rather disappointed with the portion of Ravioli con Panna e Proscuitto (340 Baht). The tiny raviolis were compact and dense with pork filing in it. The rich cream sauce was delicious with imported hams in it. Only if the size of the ravioli or the portion was bigger, the dish was slightly overpriced.

Fruitti di Mare (Seafood Pizza)

Topped with decent amount of ham and seafood such as prawns, mussels and squid, Frutti di Mare pizza was alright. At 300 Baht, it was at reasonable size – about 8 inches. Due to their mediterranean style / flavour, the tomato based sauce was slight creamy than usual with slight tang to it. Like how a pizza is served in Italy, it came uncut that we had to slice it on our own according to our needs. But sadly, the pizza dough was tough / chewy and hence we had tough time cutting it. My friend commented that the dough was like a cold piece of pita bread. Heh!


Tempted by the ‘Homemade Tiramisu’ written on the chalkboard inside the restaurant, we went ahead and ordered one portion.

Homemade Tiramisu

At 160 Baht, the so-called homemade dessert was just edible. It fell short of what’s to be called a tiramisu. The coffee-soaked cake texture was rough while there was lack of mascarpone flavour in it. It’s essentially a normal cake with cream on it. Thank goodness I’ve got no high hopes for the dessert.


The bill came to 1000 Baht (on the dot). I didn’t particularly like the dishes although the ravioli was alright. The pizza dough fell short although it was ‘thin crisp’. The service was slow as it took awhile for our food to arrive although we were the first to order when there was no other customers in the restaurant at the moment. Oh well, we should have had less expectation since we were at tourist hot spots.

142/1 2, Ao Nang Beach Road,
Ao Nang Beach,
81000 Krabi,

GPS Coordinates : 8.032863, 98.820133

Mobile Number : +66 086 9444 178
Telephone Number : +66 075 637 848

bookmark_borderDinner At Pasta Zanmai, Mid Valley

By my guess, you’d probably be bored of reading about this restaurant since its inception in the late 2007. I won’t be surprised at all if you decided to skip this post as it may have appeared in thousands of blogs by now. But regardless, I’m still going to proceed…

Pasta Zanmai

Notoriety for its bold move to combine the west side (Italian) with the east side (Japanese), it has been a fan fare for those who love this type of weird yet oddly good combination. Who’d have thought that it’s okay to serve pasta with a slab of fried chicken? Or serving pizza with seaweeds and egg as toppings? And who’d have thought that people do actually like them? It’s uncommon but it is this restaurant that made it possible.

Pasta Zanmai

Although they aren’t as busy as their other ‘sister brand’ (Sushi Zanmai which is famous for its long queues during peak hours), it is good to know that they have been doing well that they managed to attract customers from different age group with its scrumptious food. For the uninitiated, the Zanmais are under the huge umbrella of the Super Sushi who manages all these restaurants.

Green Tea

It sure beats me (or perhaps you too) to find out that prior to this post (visit), I’ve not stepped into this restaurant before even though it’s located at a shopping complex I called my second home.

Long story short, along with a friend, I’ve finally made a visit on one fine day just to see how good it was, as what I’ve read over the net.

Mini Ebi Ika no Spicy Pasta

For RM23, it came a set of Mini Ebi Ika no Spicy Pasta and Mini Chicken Onsen Tamago Pizza. It was prefect for one person as the portion for both of the dishes was small. The pasta was seasoned properly but it was not spicy as it tickled my tastebud just a little. The squids and prawns were fresh though.

Mini Chicken Onsen Tamago Pizza

Topped with grilled chicken, onions, seaweeds and egg, the pizza was alright although the pizza dough could be done better. The egg was cooked nicely with runny egg yolk waiting to be burst and spread all over the pizza. Having said that, there were too much of the raw onions top of the pizza. A big no no for those who dislike them.

Salmon Sashimi

The salmon sashimi was good; fresh with decent thickness. A little pricey though as it was RM20 for 5 slices. With extra few RM, you may opt for a set meal which comes with a bowl of rice, salad and something else.

Chicken Katsu Toji Pasta

Chicken Katsu Toji pasta is essentially a pasta topped with braised chicken cutlet, egg, onions & mushrooms. The portion was big with a big slab of fried chicken on top. Just like the mini pizza, there were lots of onions on top.

Ika Geso Karaage (Fried Squid Tentacles)

Priced at RM12, Ika Geso Karaage (fried squid tentacles) was well seasoned with salty and peppery taste to it. Slight chewy but it was alright – good to eat along with a cup of chilled beer.

Ebi to Potato no Gratan (Potato Gratin with prawns)

I was surprised to see Ebi to Potato no Gratan (Potato Gratin with prawns) in the menu as not many restaurants at such level I know that serve this classic French dish. I tried once when my friend baked a simple one and I liked it. And to see it in menu, it piqued my interest a little and somehow I had to order it to see how it fared.

Ebi to Potato no Gratan (Potato Gratin with prawns)

Potatoes were cooked nicely with slight bite to it. There was lack of seasoning which can be tweaked with a dash of salt and pepper. It was the last dish to arrive and by then we were pretty stuffed. Hence, we didn’t manage to finish it. Having said that, it’s best to share among your peeps as it’s a rich dish and it’s not a dish which you can eat it all by yourself. A portion like this will set you back RM20.

Pasta Zanmai

Overall, it was decent meal. The service was prompt and the staff was attentive. Luckily, there was no queue although we arrived at peak hour. The ingredients – particularly the seafood – they used were fresh while the portion of the dishes was normal – not too big or too small. My only gripe was that they tend to use lots of onions in some of their dishes. Now that I know what’s the fuss all about, I wouldn’t mind going back again as there are other dishes I’ve yet to try.

Address :
F-051, 1st Floor,
Mid Valley Megamall,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Telephone Number : +603 2283 2160 / +6012 720 2160

Daily Business Hours : 10AM – 10PM

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