bookmark_borderIn Taiwan – Day 6 (Part 1)

Though we had a draft plan of our pit stops, we didn’t know what to do in the city itself. We had a vague idea what were the popular spots in each city. We had to do our homework on where to go each day or the night before. Hehe.

Kaohsiong City

And so, we woke up early and had our usual breakfast in nearby store before we proceeded with our tour. Of all types of breakfast, I somehow developed the love like affection towards the egg pancake.

Egg Pancake

Right after that, we walked around before we decided to head to…

National Science and Technology Museum

Yes. It is the National Science and Technology Museum. From the outside, it looks real big; bigger compare to that of our national museum. There are about 6 floors; divided to 2 sections. So, there are a total of 12 sections (or even more). There is even a 3D theater for films.


We showed our passport to get special rates as well as purchased tickets for a 3D short boring documentary film.  We had to check in our camera bags and all but were allowed to carry the cameras.

Clown Fish

We practically walked each and every section there was in the museum. From telecommunications to biological stuffs, foods to space science and manufacturing section.


We did learn quite a few things about Taiwan’s history from there. We even learnt how to spell notebook in Taiwanese way. Hehe.

Fiber Optics

Then, we went to the mini cinema to watch a documentary film about a lion… in 3D. Good experience but the film was rather boring till the point I almost dozed off. Hungry and sleepy, we left the museum after the film in search for our late lunch. Our first sight was…


And off we went there without second thought. Haha.

… to be continued

bookmark_borderIn Taiwan – Day 5 (Part 3)

… continuation

After the tour food hunting, we left Chiayi and went to Kaohsiong (Taiwan’s second largest city) via train. The journey took us more than 1 hour or so to reach our destination. Once we were there, we looked for hotel to crash into stay. After all the checking in, we took a rest for awhile before heading off to the night market (I think it is called Liu He Night Market).

Night Street

According to the check-in counter, the distance between our hotel to the night market is about 15 mins of walking. But to our (Malaysian) calculation, we roughly estimated about 30 mins instead. Unless you consider running as ‘walking’, we had to multiple whatever they said by 2 times. Hehe.


Throughout our stay, I guess this night market is our most favourite of all night markets we’ve been to. Not only it is big, there were variety of foods and drinks.


Being gluttons, we bought whatever that looked delicious to us. Hehe. The picture above is grilled corn. They coated the corn with peanuts, sesame seeds, sugar and some sauce. It tastes rather …. weird. It tastes like the filling of apam balik (from Malaysia).

Dim Sum Stall

Har Mai

Dim Sum

Those are assorted dim sum. IIRC, they charged NT$50 for 4 pieces and NT$100 for 9 pieces. You can choose any of those as you wish. And yeah, they were tasty.


There was only one type of taroyaki balls unlike those offered in Jaya Jusco malls whereby you could get all sorts of flavours. They taste alright to me but a lil too sweet for the sauce.

Square Watermelon

Square watermelon like what you see in television. The owner of the stall said they import the watermelon from Japan (I think). Anyway, it was there for decoration and to attract crowd.

Battered Sausages

Those are battered sausages. They came in different flavours; garlic, cheese and etc. Due to the size of it, we bought two for trying purpose. But we got conned as the batter was as thick as 0.3cm and the sausage was tiny!!

BBQ Stall

BBQ chicken wings. BBQ chicken ass butt. BBQ sausages. And other BBQ stuffs. This stall sells them all. One chicken wing costs NT$10 only. So as the chicken butt. And yeah, they were delicious.

Sugarcane Water

Me heart sugarcane water. One cup costs NT$40. They were really fresh but not so chill at all. But hey, they did crunch my thirst after eating all those stuffs.


There were more foods but I didn’t manage to capture them all. We stopped eating at about 10.30pm or so and we went back to the hotel to call it a day.

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