bookmark_borderIn Sabah – Day 6 (The Final Day)

It was my last day in Kota Kinabalu. As I had a few hours to spare (before heading to the airport), I walked my way towards this particular shop located a couple streets away from where I stayed in. It was recommended by the lady owner (of my accommodation).

Iced Coffee

What I noticed about coffee shops in Kota Kinabalu is the fact that there were only hand full (one or two) stalls in it. And these stalls were selling more than one type of delicacy, I would say. Run by a Chinese lady (or at least what I saw on that day), the workers were pretty efficient. Within minutes I sat down, one waitress came to take my order.

Kedai Kopi Seng Hing

I was told that they were famous for Tom Yum Mee or maybe it was the lady owner (of the accommodation) who said the it was delicious. I’m not sure which one it is, but I took her words and ordered my share.

Tom Yum Noodles

When it first arrived, my first impression was that they brought the wrong stuff to me. As you may see, due to its broth, it looked like Curry Mee instead of the Tom Yum Mee. But as I smell it, my impression was wrong as I sensed the aromatic smell of Tom Yum; the piercing spicy sourish smell.

The first sip of the broth was sufficient to convince me that the lady owner was right. I loved the fact that they used coconut milk in that it made the broth richer. With correct amount of herbs and spices, the broth was spicy, sourish and managed to deliver the taste. It was spicy enough to provides the kick every Tom Yum lover is asking for. Heck, I drank till the very last drop of the broth. It was that good.

Tom Yum Noodles

There were ample amount of toppings and not forgetting noodles (kuey teow in my case) too. The prawns were fresh and succulent and there were few bits of minced meat (chicken, I think) in it which you might not able to notice it till the very end of your meal. I was tempted to order another one but since my taxi was about to reach soon, I regretfully walked away without the second empty bowl on the table.

Outside Of Airport

On fine day, you might able to see the Mt. Kinabalu from the entrance of the airport. However, as I reached the airport at about 9am, the weather didn’t look good at all as it was gloomy and about to pour heavily.

Air Ticket

The check-in process over the counter was a breeze as there weren’t many people. Still early, I lurked in McDonald’s for free WiFi. The whole process of getting bored reached to peak (again) as I was in the plane. I looked to the left and I saw this…

Above The Sky

And when I looked up, I spotted the aircraft is kinda dirty as I saw this…

Dirty Buttons

Meals were served approximately 45 minutes after we were up in the sky. As usual, there were two choices and I picked Fried Kuey Teow instead of Omelette (I think).


Fried Kuey Teow

Let’s just say the food was edible but I didn’t finish them all. And that’s the last photo I took during my solo trip to Kota Kinabalu…

All in all, it was pretty tiring yet relaxing trip. The places I saw, the strangers I met and the experience I’ve gained were priceless. I was blessed with fine weather. Although I wished I could stay longer, but then again, with that, I wouldn’t have reasons to go back to Sabah another time.

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