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The hotel we stayed didn’t include any breakfast. We had to pay RM30++ per pax if we were to dine there. But since we were in Penang, the land known for glorious delicious food, we decided to go against it and head out for breakfast.

The Mugshot Cafe, Penang

We ended up at The Mugshot Cafe – the first food pit stop of the day since it was on my food list. I have always wanted to try this cafe ever since I read from here. While some are there for the experience and/or coffee (oh… they have a photo booth in the cafe), my visit was mainly for their bagels.

The Mugshot Cafe, Penang

It was a Saturday on the day of our visit and the cafe was packed to the brim. Each little tables and chairs were occupied up to the five foot way (pedestrian walkway). Out of pure luck (and perhaps timing), it didn’t take long to be seated outside of the cafe. From what I saw, most of the customers were tourists… like one of us!

Although the menu on the board was kinda limited, it didn’t stop us from a portion each to fill our hungry stomachs. The drinks and food took quite awhile to arrive but then again, what’s the hurry when we were on holiday.

Yoghurt with Jackfruit and Gula Melaka by The Mugshot Cafe, Penang

To start off, a ‘jar’ of yoghurt with slices of jackfruit topped with gula melaka. It tasted quite alright, the tartness of the yoghurt subdued by the sweetness of the jackfruit and gula melaka. The toppings were generous but they weren’t quite enough for the amount of yoghurt below.
Bagel with Bacon & Egg by The Mugshot Cafe, Penang
The Bacon & Egg (RM10) bagel was the one that got my attention. Despite its name, it looked more like ham & egg rather than bacon. I liked the way they shaped the protein to hold the egg while cooking them both. There were drizzles of mayo on top of it to help the taste. It would be great if the yolk is runny…

Bagel with Turkey Ham & Cranberry Sauce by The Mugshot Cafe, Penang

The Turkey Ham with Cranberry Sauce (RM10) may sound unusual but the sweet-sourish jam complemented pretty well with the ham. I could do without the rocket leaves though.

Bagels by The Mugshot Cafe, Penang

The bagels for both were done pretty well; crisp on the outside yet doughy inside.

Iced Cappuccino by The Mugshot Cafe, Penang

The Iced Cappuccino (RM10) wasn’t a standout but it’s sufficient to give the much needed buzz in the morning.

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