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Once the ever famous, likeable movie came out on silver screen years ago, anything that got to do with either a clown fish or the word ’Nemo’ or ’Dory’ will automatically be associated with the movie, Finding Nemo. And to have a restaurant with such well-known name is a smart, quirky move especially when you are serving some serious fish-based food… just like this newly opened cafe.

Nemo Cafe, Plaza Mont Kiara

Located in Plaza Mont Kiara (beside McDonald’s), Nemo Cafe caters a very niche crowd with its specialisation in fish and chips. However, what sets them apart from the rest is the way they serve your meal.

Fish and Chips by Nemo Cafe, Plaza Mont Kiara

Instead of big white fancy plates, they serve their fish and chips “the authentic way”; that is on pieces of (tracing) papers. A novelty way or not, I think it’s a brilliant idea especially for takeaways and it somehow reminds me of the times in UK.

Nemo Cafe Menu

The menu is simple and straightforward with fish and chips being one of their main course. In order to cater larger crowd, there are other dishes such as “wok of the day”, sandwiches and light snacks for those who do not like fish.

Fish and Chips by Nemo Cafe, Plaza Mont KiaraFish and Chips (RM10.90)

For a RM10.90 lunch meal, you get decent size main course meal. The chips are replaceable (with salads) if you do not fancy fried carbs / potatoes.

Fish and Chips by Nemo Cafe, Plaza Mont KiaraFish and Chips (RM10.90)

Lightly coated in batter, the piece of dory fish was fried to perfection. It was still moist inside whilst the batter was crisp crackling. Their special (tartar) sauce was a delish as it was nicely seasoned with bits of jerkins in it.

Fish and Chips by Nemo Cafe, Plaza Mont Kiara

However, the quantity wasn’t sufficient, for me at least. A piece of lemon wedge was provided for extra lemon zest but I prefer it to be simple. I’m not sure if they have a bottle of vinegar (at the counter) but there is no harm asking if you like to eat it the British way.

The only pet peeve I have is their inconsistency in portion size. The first photo was taken last month when they were a few days old while the second photo was taken a couple days back. As you can see, the portion difference between those two is significant (the fish and the chips). Furthermore, the second photo somehow looked lil like a sloppy job although there were not many people at that time. That said, I do hope this is just one off incident.

Ice Lemon TeaIced Lemon Tea (RM5)

Overall, I kinda like this place. The ambiance is great especially during sunny day / weather as you get to dine outside. I have not tried their other dishes but based on the fish and chips alone, the price is pretty reasonable based on the location. They do serve breakfast (omelette, toast and etc.) in the morning but due to their erratic opening hours, I never get to try them… yet.

Note : As of writing this, they are closed for business on Sundays. However, they might consider opening in near future. It’s best to ask them for more info.

Address :
D-0G-05, Plaza Mont Kiara,
No. 2, Jalan Kiara,
Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Business hours : 8AM – 10PM (weekdays), 930AM – 730PM (Saturdays) and closed on Sundays

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