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Putrajaya is the first place that I can think of if I were to go for a photo shoot at night. So since I got hold of Huey Yee’s awesome Manfrotto tripod for indefinitely amount of duration, I might as well make full use of it.


Rock Structure

According to various sources, let it be blogs and/or photography forum, Putrajaya is well lit up during the night. However, having said that, the lights will be switched off by 12 am. I’m not sure how true it is but I wouldn’t want to gamble on that since the journey to Putrajaya takes more than half an hour just to reach there.

Seri Saujana Bridge


We spent about 3 hours in Putrajaya in total. But most of that time was spent on the first place, the bridge, Seri Saujana, near to the convention centre. After that, we managed to cover the other famous bridge, Seri Wawasan, and the row of office building heading towards the Prime Minister Office only.

Steels and Lights

Lit Up Buildings

There are many other bridges to cover but I shall leave it to my next trip, that’s if I have the mood and time and tripod to use. These shots are the ones which I think they are usable. The rest are either blurred or not symmetrical. LOL.


One of many conversations during that day;

Me : “Fuck!! The fucking (tree) branch is blocking the mosque view. MCB!!”

L : “LOL. I forget to mention about that to you”

Me : “Why can’t they trim it off?! CB betul…”


Me : “The bridge is too far and not well lit. Celaka betul!!”

L : “LOL”

Me : “I want my tele (lens) back!! T__T”


Me : ” Hmm.. There’s no place to park”

L : “Yeah. How?”

Me : “Arrghh.. Fuck it. Let’s go KLIA for Burger King.”


Anyway, bigger resolutions are available in my flickr

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