bookmark_borderWantan Mee Stall Along Jalan Kuchai Lama

What makes a good plate of wantan mee? Is it the noodles? Is it the mixture of the dark sauce? Or is it the side ingredients such as the wantans and the roast BBQ pork that makes people coming back for more?

Wantan Mee Stall

I’ve been patronising this stall for more over a decade. It’s rather nostalgic at times when I eat at this place because this stall used to be and still is the source of my late night suppers (and sometimes dinner too). It’s a family business whereby the mother will do all the cooking while the sons and daughter take orders.

Wantan Mee

What sets apart from other stalls is the egg noodles they use. Consistent and spring-y, these (handmade) noodles are mixed with a concoction of dark sauce, light soya sauce, pepper and a lil lard. It’s good but it’s even better when, on your lucky day, the father takes the role. I guess experience does play an important role in it.


Usually (and always), I’d order their wantans instead of BBQ pork. Not too small neither it is big, these cute lil wantans consist of minced pork and ‘zhou hau yu’. I wouldn’t mind to eat them on its own.

Chicken Satays

While you are it, checkout the stall nearby that sells satay too. Although they are not as famous as the overly-famous Kajang satays, they are better than some I’ve tried at other places. The meat was a lil dry on that day. Perhaps, they overcooked it. The peanut sauce (sorry, no photo of it) was not diluted as it was thick and filled with a decent amount of chopped peanuts. Priced at RM0.60 (for the chicken), a minimal of 8 sticks is required for an order.

So, tell me. What makes a good plate of wantan mee?

bookmark_borderNambawan Restaurant & Cafe, Taman Sri Manja

On one freaking hot Saturday afternoon, while I was taking my precious nap, came a SMS…

Got dinner later?
Let’s meet up later. I’m heading to church first.

After a couple of SMS exchanges, off we (a friend and I) went for dinner at a restaurant in Taman Sri Manja during the night. I read about this restaurant from another blog and it mentioned about pork dishes at affordable price.

Nambawan Restaurant & Cafe

It wasn’t hard to find this place as it is located along new shoplots in the said area. This restaurant was directly opposite of 7-Eleven. There weren’t much people when we entered the restaurant but the crowd started to build up after about 15 mins later.

Nambawan Environment

We were deciding where to sit but after much doubts, we sat inside which we thought there will be air-con. But somehow, we were pretty disappointed because even though there were air-cons, we felt the stuffy-ness and the heat. We should have sat outside since it rained earlier. The settings were pretty simple and I reckoned this restaurant is a family-own business.

In the menu, one could see that they are offering Asian and Western delights.  Fried Pattaya rice, beef sirloins to lamb chop, you name it they got it. But our mission on that day was to try out their pork selections. As usual, we picked our ala carte in no time as we were hungry.

Crumbs Pork Chop

The Crumb Pork Chop tasted quite alright. It was deep-fried bread crumbs-coated pork chops with their sauce. The meat wasn’t chewy and there as slight hint of salty-ness. On the sides were salads and shoestring fries.

Roasted Pork Belly

My Pork Belly dish was pretty good. They sliced the meat not too thin yet not overly thick. The skin was crunchy yet not too salty and the meat was succulent. Underneath was the baked / fried potatoes (not mashed).

Roasted Pork Ribs

Judging at the portion served, we decided to order another portion to be shared amongst us. One of the staffs (the lady boss, I think) recommended Roasted Pork Ribs.. We both agreed unanimously and without second thought, we went ahead with the recommendation. The meat was tender but not to the point of literally failing off from the bones. They marinated well / long enough in order for the meat to be fully absorbed the sauce.

Mango Smoothie

To wash them down, we picked Mango Smoothies. We were surprised by the size of the cup. Not sweet yet a faint hint of mango taste in it, it was good but not great.

All in all, it was slightly above-average meal. The price was pretty affordable for such place. The environment can be improved and the service was slow. Probably and pausibly, they were lack of staffs when we were there.

10, Jalan PJS 3/48,
Sri Manja Square One,
Taman Sri Manja,
Jalan Kelang Lama,
46000 Petaling Jaya.

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