bookmark_borderLunch At Watami, Ion Orchard

It was my last day in Singapore and with few hours to spare, I followed my sister to the city to run some errands before going to the airport. Given an hour or so, I was left alone strolling around along Orchard Road.

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant

And that’s when I stumbled upon Watami, a Japanese restaurant which sounded really familiar to me, when I was bumming around lost inside Ion Orchard. It took me quite awhile to recall as I remembered I read about this Japanese restaurant from somewhere.

Thinking it would be good to grab a quick bite before my flight, off I went inside without a second thought – since the review I read about this restaurant was good. A quick flip through their menu, I set upon and ordered two items…

Wafu Hitokuchi Steak

First up was Wafu Hitokuchi Steak. Lightly seasoned bite-size steaks were cooked to perfection, retaining its flavour inside while remained tender and juicy. Pardon me for the poor photo quality though.

Salmon Splendour

The second dish was Salmon Splendour. It’s a bit of everything – 3 types to be exact – that consist of salmon.

Salmon Sashimi

Salmon Splendour

There weren’t any complaints as the salmon was fresh and the remaining two were kept simple and nice.


Pride as the Japanese casual restaurant, I guess they did it nicely as the price was alright for the food they serve. Not only the staffs were friendly, the waiting time was reasonable – although it wasn’t fair to judge as I went there pretty late afternoon hours (off peak).

Address :
B-23, Ion Orchard,
2, Orchard Turn,
Singapore #238801.

Tel. No. : +65 6509 9366

bookmark_borderTarts By Fruit Paradise, Orchard Central

Tarts. Apart from egg tarts, I can’t exactly remember when the last time I had them was. Fruit tarts to be exact. The one with fresh fruits, custard and cream layered one after another on a pastry finished with a glaze to give a beautiful sparkling / shine effect.

Fruit Paradise

The ones offered by confectionary shops are usually the small pathetic looking tiny ones. They might look good but taste wise, is rather disappointing. Usually, it is either the pastry is too thick or there are too much cream / custard filling in it. Disappointing.


But, now that I’ve tried the tarts from this shop, it’s safe to say that there’s still hope in getting good fruit tarts out there. Not wanting to say it’s something totally new / refreshing or it’s amazingly delicious, at least they were better than the ones that usually I see from those bakery shops.

Mango Tart

The Mango Tart was something special compared to others. The slight sour-ish cream cheese filling coupled with mangoes makes the tart all more appetizing that it looks to be. Now if only they reduce the amount of (fresh) cream they used, that would be prefect.

Chocolate Banana Tart

As for the Chocolate Banana Fruit Tart, there’s nothing special about it. A couple slices of bananas and some cocoa powder on it, it’s forgettable (sounds familiar, eh…).


Suffice to say that I still go for the Mango Tart on my next trip… or maybe something else. Except for the Chocolate Banana Fruit Tart.

181 Orchard Road,
#05-51/52 Orchard Central,

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