bookmark_borderLunch At Michelangelo’s, Pavilion

Michelangelo. The famous Italian painter, sculptor, engineer, poet and architect. Now, he’s a famous restauranteur? Hhmm… This I don’t know. But, despite that, it didn’t stop me from having a go at this restaurant, which located at Connection area, Pavilion shopping mall. Besides, they were promoting their set lunch at the entrance of the restaurant. And it’s an Italian restaurant! More reasons to try, eh…


Priced at RM19.90 (excluding tax) onwards, you get an appetiser, main course, dessert and a drink (coffee or tea). Pretty good deal when I first thought. So, without objection, we went inside, thinking that there will be cooler air than outside, and laid our asses sat down on those comfy seats. But we were wrong as it was pretty warm after 10 mins. I guess they didn’t crank up the air-conditioning inside the almost empty restaurant.

Iced Coffee

After glancing their menu, we ordered different items (for the set lunch) so we could share sample them. First up were the appetisers; Caesar Salad and Bruschetta. Both of them were alright. There were ample amount of beef bacon in it but only half of hard boiled eggs on salad.

Caesar Salad


As for the bruschetta, they could have been better. The toast was somewhat lack of taste compare to other place and it would be great if they add some cheese in it.

Creme Di Funghi

On top of that, I opted for extra bowl of Creme Di Funghi (Wild Mushroom Soup). Although there were bits of mushrooms, but it was on the diluted side.

For main course…

Linguine Con Vongole

Linguine Con Vongole was below par. The linguine was slight hard to chew while the sauce that came with it was rather bland. The only plus point was there were lots of clams in it. In the end, we didn’t finish it except for the clams.

Agnello Al Forno

Agnello Al Forno also known as Lamb Rack. Honestly, I think it is a brilliant idea to have it coated with bread crumbs. The texture of the bread crumbs went well with the lamb meat. But… there were layers of fat on my portion on that day. Otherwise, it would have been a perfect meal.

Then, came the desserts…


Presentation wise was alright but the portion size was pretty disappointing. Although I know it’s under set lunch but seriously, what’s the point of serving such a small portion? The size was as good as one half tea spoons only.


Besides, tiramisu was a total failure wasn’t nice. Not a single bit. I felt like I was eating ordinary chocolate powder-coated sponge cake more than a real Tiramisu. There are other better ones (Tiramisu) out there and this is not one of them. Seriously. Same goes for the bland-taste Panocotta. It’s either their typo or their way of naming the dessert. Normally, it is called Panna Cotta.

All in all, if weren’t for the fatty lamb and tiny desserts, it would be a good place to dine in. Moreover, that being said, there are better restaurants and hence, this may not be my first choice when comes to Italian food.

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