bookmark_borderHere Comes Year 2009

Another year has passed and a brand new one begins. There were many things happened during past year; some were good and some were ugly not so pleasing. As many said, one should not dwell on the past and hence, I will take them as valuable experience.

I’ve met new friends and managed to retain the old ones too; which is a really good thing for me. I’ve even managed to catch up with long lost friends which haven’t been in contact for such a long time. Though some said that friends come and go, I hope this wouldn’t happen to me now nor (near) future.

As for my working life, I will keep it simple as it is cos my colleagues are reading my blog. Big changes happened over the past 6 months and as always, I am adapting to it and keep on going. I don’t know what will happen after the next 8 months but let’s just hope nothing radical happens.

On the personal plane, let’s just say there were more bad times compare to good times. I shouldn’t elaborate it further but those who know me well enough should know the story. On the other hand, I’ve splurged my hard-earn money on photography, electronics as well as on traveling over the past 12 months. Though those weren’t necessities, but I did as self-rewarding thingy. It is nice to get yourself something once in awhile to keep you going in one way or another.

Anyway, that’s the past. As for the future, i.e. year 2009, I’m not sure what’s installed for me. Not like I can predict the future anyway.

    AS for you readers out there, Happy New Year and have a wonderful year ahead.

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